Lil Nas X Just Came Out As Gay & Twitter Is Sharing Support

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    Text - nope @LilNasX some of y'all already know, some of y'all don't care, some of y'all not gone fwm no more. but before this month ends i want y'all to listen closely to c7osure. 2:18 10.1M views
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    Product - nope @LilNasX deadass thought imade it obvious ISORT tatat 7:14 PM 6/30/19 Twitter for iPhone acia oorg
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    Text - Hollyscoop @Hollyscoop Replying to @LilNasX You're appreciated by us! Congrats, and do more phenomenal things! WE LOVE YOU! GIF
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    Text - Kalen Allen @TheKalenAllen Replying to @LilNasX WE GOT YOU BOO! HELLO BEAUTIFUL GIF
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    Lion - ZÉ TAYLOR @FATHERBONNET Me protecting Lil Nas X at all costs GIF CKYEAHTHELIONEDGGTES
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    Text - Slade @Slade Replying to @OrangePaulp Me calling Lil Nas X tonight GIEIRLFRIEND, YOU ARE SO ON.
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    Text - shawn wasabi @shawnwasabi Replying to @shawnwasabi and @LiINasX in conclusion CONGRATULATIONS KING 7:44 PM 6/30/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Ira thee Third @ira We will protect Lil Nas X at all costs 8:09 PM 6/30/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Shorty on B93.7! @RadioShorty Love is love Proud of ya @LiINasX for this man! Keep grinding and dude (let's get that that entire album is interview soon too!) Lil Nas X comes out on final day of Pride
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    Text - nope @LiINasX it's true i am a guy rp @ryaaaanOKC 5h lil nas came out as guy that's cool Show this thread 4:56 AM 7/1/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Horse - nope @LilNasX i got the horses in the back Google what does the horse represent X ALL SHOPPING IMAGES NEWS VIDEOS MA freedom The horse is a universal symbol of freedom without restraint, because riding a horse made people feel they could free themselves from their own bindings. Also linked with riding horses, they are symbols of travel, movement, and desire. The horse also represents power in Native
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    Text - Nelly Thee Great @WhiteGirlNell Just because Lil Nas X is out doesn't mean you get to twist "Old Town Road" to mean something completely different. Your kids love him AND that song, and they don't give a fuck about his sexuality. Don't switch shit up now.
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    Basketball player - Dee @DempsterSenpai Me before Lil Nas X came out vs me after Sun Life Sun Life PTOA PTOA 7:22 AM 7/1/19 Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - GayCi & Homol @vontA_Hole Here y'all go...sexualizing Okd Town Road because Lil Nas X came out. Y'all did the same bullshit with Frank Ocean. All bc you ain't comfortable within your masculinity. Go choke on a cucumber.
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    Text - Brittany Packnett @MsPackyetti I love that @LilNasX fits literally zero of societies boxes. Such a window into gen z and I appreciate how free they are. Keep being you, homie.
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    Cartoon - memeskidos @memeskidos me watching yall freak out about lil nas x being gay while i, an intellectual, know that every cowboy is gay
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    Face - evan @evancranmrr straight boys are going to lose it when they see lil nas x is gay and they've been singing riiiide till i can't no more for MONTHS
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    Text - Yugioh Forbidden Memes @yugiohforbidden Crazy that lil nas x came out as this YEAH IM G-good A-at Yu-Gi-Oh E


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