You're in My Head Like a Catchy Song [Aurelleah Remix]

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By Aurelleah (Via Aurelleah)
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Here's my take on You're In My Head like a Catchy Song with lyrics from The Perfect Pear episode of MLP. I loved this song in the episode a lot; it was a delicate song and incredibly difficult to do much of anything with it, especially since I was working with a youtube rip of the audio without stems. I'll likely come along and polish the soundcloud/bandcamp version later once I have actual stems for the song if I can find the time to do it. This was a standard "edit" of the song, rearranged some parts, extended it, added some instruments and swells and violin solos, EQ'd the guitar and vocals to make them a bit more prominent, added tape distortion/saturation and harmonic excitation to add high end and more harmonics, reverb, delay in some spots and did a quick mastering job. Why? Because I loved the song, and wanted it to fit amongst my other musics as a song that would better 'stand alone' without the animation to back it up. I know that most musicians will not touch this song to remix, and for good reason. It's far too pretty to try to turn into a completely different genre.

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