Girl Got Stood Up By Tinder Date a Year Ago, Hilariously Still Messages Him to See if He is on His Way


Getting stood up on a date is never fun and it's always a risk you run when you agree to meet up with a match from Tinder. The dating app has a grimy reputation these days and dates don't have a great track record of working out. When it first started, Tinder was very popular and many successful relationships surprisingly grew out of it. Nowadays, however, it's more getting stood up or ghosted. 


TikToker @benjollo recently posted a video explaining how she got stood up by a Tinder date a year ago. However, the video isn't viral because of the story, it's popular because of how the TikToker dealt with being stood up. Instead of being hurt and crossing that Tinder match off of the list, she teases him even a year later. Even though they never ended up going on a date, it's a year later and she still will randomly Snapchat him asking if he's on his way. She'll be out with some friends and send a video like, “oh, so like? are you coming? are you on your way?” and viewers are loving it. In one funny exchange, you can see he even responded asking when they really were going to actually meet and many viewers are rooting that they will.


Stood Up


The guy actually responds to her totally going along with the bit. She'll ask if he's on his way and he'll respond like, “yeah, sorry, running late.” This exchange a year ago could have created a nasty relationship between the two of them, but it looks more like it's creating a beautiful relationship based on similar humor—which is a very important part of any successful relationship. It's hard to watch these hilarious exchange and think these two have never really met up.


Plays Along

Why Snapchat


Though many viewers say to meet up with him, there are also many who say that he had his chance and he doesn't get another. However, the TikToker responds to a commenter saying they did end up meeting eventually, BUT she never goes into detail about it. Was this hilarious exchange the start of a IRL Rom-Com or is this just a funny running gag and all it will ever be? 


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