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Viral Footage Of A Goat Beauty Contest Has Us All Wanting A Goat

  • goat dressed in streamers and flowers

    The town of Kozova was founded in the 15th century and, according to local legends, was named after the huge population of goats living there. 

    Goats were first domesticated around 10,000 years ago. They were of much use to humans: their milk was rich, they were able to carry packs, and after they were killed, people could eat their meat and use their skin, bones and hair for different purposes. Today, many people around the world own goats for their milk, meat and wool. 

    The residents of Kozova never forgot how useful goats can be, and how beautiful they are! Goats at the beauty contest were decorated with flowers, ribbons, tassels, veils and human clothes. There was even a bride goat. 

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  • man and woman with two goats dressed up for beauty contest
  • goat with flower on its head for beauty contest
  • goat statue with flowers on head in front of crowd
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  • startled goat getting decorations put on head
  • goat in wooden pen dressed in colorful jumper with flowers on head
  • woman in front of crowd fixing goats costume
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  • goat with colorful headdress on head
  • woman in back of car with goat dressed up in clothes and flowers
  • goat with flowers on head smiling looking happy in front of crowd


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