Abusive Customer Refuses To Pay Deposit and Demands to Speak To Owner On Bereavement Leave, Gets Slammed

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    This customer has a hard time understanding the process, and tries to be extra rude to the admin manager.

    rude customer - Text - Quote # 120619-038 Siva S to me days ago Hello, I am chasing this quotation from June. I have not heard anything further regarding this job and it is required as soon as possible. Thank you Siva Admin Manager 2 days ago to Siva Hi Siva My boss is away on personal leave currently. My name is Chelsea and I'm the new administrator. I have checked the quote number and there was no deposit paid to start the job. There was a reminder sent shortly after the quote. Would you like
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    rude customer - Text - Sivas to me ays ago Hello Chelsea there was never any mention of a deposit required to start the job. You were told it was urgent and now our manufacturing is halved awaiting fabricating of the parts mentioned? I would like to speak to your boss please. Siva From: Admin Manager| Admin Manager 2 days ago A to Sivas Hi again Siva, The quote distinctly states that a minimum of 20% is required before any work is commenced. I apologise if there was a misunderstanding Unfortunat
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    rude customer - Text - Siva to me ays ago This is an emergency. Give me your bosses phone number. I am sure he will answer in his holiday if he doesn't want me to invoice him for loss of my manufacturing. Deposit was not discussed. Admin Manager 2 days ago to Siva Hi Siva, He is on bereavement leave not on holiday. I can not give you his number unfortunately and I'm not savvy to the technical side of things, I only take care of the administration side. I also do not recall a discussion with you
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    rude customer - Text - Siva S to me 2 days ago I do not know what bereavement is and I do not care. Call your boss now or give me his number as you shouldn't be in your position of you don't know anything "technical". Plenty of other business start work without deposit you are just making excuses for your negligence. I will tell him you are unhelpful Admin Manager 2 days ago A to Sivas I'm not being unhelpful I'm trying the best I can to help you. I'm sorry I can't give you his number and I won'
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    rude customer - Text - Siva S to me days ago You will call him now or you will tell me where I can find him or when he is returning. Why are you in this position of authority when you don't comprehend important things? You are both unprofessional Admin Manager 2 days ago A to Siva I don't know where he is or when he's returning Siva He's in a complicated situation which I can't discuss. I've messaged him and It's up to him if he responds I apologise Chelsea
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    rude customer - Text - Siva days ago to me Wyatt kind of admin doesn't know where their boss is our when he's returning?? This is shitty business practice. You are incompetent and so is your boss. I am in a very bad situation now and your boss is paying! S
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    Chelsea the admin manager has this conversation with the owner.

    rude customer - Text - Chelsea Newbie Face Saturday, 17 August 2019 Abs help! I'm so sorry 5:37 pm Everything ok Chels? 5:45 pm I've got this Siva guy going nuts! I've cc'ed you in. so sorry! 5:49 pm I've got you hun. Shoot him down or do you want me to? Next time you better be dying 5:52 pm though Omg you please! I can't do this! He won't listen! C 5:57 pm Listen. You're nice once, twice, 3 times. If they're still assholes you say "I'm sorry we do not wish to conduct business with you at this t
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    rude customer - Text - Admin Manager 2 days ago A to Siva I apologize but at this time we are not interested in conducting any business with you. It is now past or business hours. Thank you Chelsea Show quoted text Sivas ays ago to me I don't care for you business hours you will call him now you stupid ignorant! We will resolve this today S
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    And then the owner finally steps in.

    rude customer - Text - Abs to Sivas Listen here, I'm the owner, I'm on leave and I draw the fucking line at anyone abusing my staff. You didn't pay a deposit so we didn't do any work. That is all. If you can't understand that or respect what bereavement means, then take your business elsewhere Try Cuckold BBC, i don't have their number so you'll need to Google them Abs Owner, Boss, whatever Show quoted text Sivas S Ok I will give them all my business then. I will leave an appropriate review for
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    rude customer - Text - Abs to Siva I'll make sure to reply accordingly with a link to this transcript. I may or may not forget to blank out your business name. You can go rub 2 sticks together for all I care. Show quoted text S Siva! to me I Googled them and only obscene pictures came on!
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    rude customer - Text - AbsD to Sivas Google makes recommendations based on your past searches. It appears you've been looking at naughty things Show quoted text


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