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    Text - Text - Imagine being able to detach your titties before bed.. so you could actually sleep on your stomach. Lol 1000watttwat My dumb ass gon over sleep and forget my tiddies in the morning... grandpaq Keys... walle... damn, my titties
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    Text - Photo caption - hotbritishguyspluscats: I don't think I've ever seen a picture that so fully summed up what it is to be a cat owner.
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    Text - Text - michaxl: strawberryghostie: michaxl: why is everyone in aladdin hot my original statement stands 277,309 notes
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    Text - Text - stop saying i can'teven and start saying i can even believe in urself Follow your dreams is that a lawn mower flying no, it's a lawn mower following it's dreams
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    Text - Text - 9) Write a number with a I in the hundreds place. 10) Write a number with a 6 in the tens place. 222 11) Write a number with a 2 in the ones place. 12) Write a number with a 3 in the hundreds place. 33 dutchster: Evess
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    Face - 0:02/1:19:04 CC Illuminati Harambe ASMR Drinking Game grawly where the fuck am i shitposting-extraordinaire Far, far away from god Source: grawly
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    Text - abilify if you wake up while McDonald's is still serving breakfast then you're doing good homophu doesnt mcdonalds have all day breakfast now? tockthewatchdog if you wake up at all then you're doing good 155,258 notes
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    Text - dreshdae schrodinger's human you can't prove that someone isn't immortal until they actually die chunkycrow
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    Leg - toodirtyforyourowngood is this how lesbian sex works
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    Text - bad666milk yeahimjustsaiyan the-average-gatsby: snorlax you fat motherfucker it took you fifteen fucking years to stand up are you fucking shitting me right now 48,244 notes
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    Organism - MOTHERBOARD.VICE.COM Clippy's Designer Wants to Know Who Got Clippy Pregnant sharkopolis Just a reminder that the entire human race is forever doomed to an eternity in hell
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    Text - keatonstrombergs: the fbi will never catch me not illegal music not illegal movies
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    Pink - getting-fit-staying-fab: d-elenda: can you imagine if someone sent you a list of all the reason why they love you well wouldn't that be the shortest list in the world Yeah it would because all they would write is everything
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    Cat - Innea: I'm trying to clean but he wants to come with me all the time so I put him in the basket so I can carry him more easily and he's very happy about it
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    Text - phlorealcalicanto When people ask you to do anything outside during summer the sun is a deadly lazer
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    Cartoon - Dimitn, do you realy think m royalty? You know I do. Then stop bossing me around. clearssong #he has a "shots fired" notebook im so done Source:-letaem 349,462 notes t1
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    Text - Pony Starwars @tigersgoroooar Following Damn boy are you a condom because it feels better when you're not here
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    Text - earthdad someone: what do you want to be for Halloween? me: loved and appreciated Source: earthdad 75,898 notes A
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    Text - Bellossom forgot how to use Acid. vikodlak: fals3-words-fall-d3ad: Bellossom went to rehab good for you bellossom
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    Product - cravings: me whenever i drink something from a wine glass m so Fancy 95,831 notes 11
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    Text - bangays whats ur coming out story Anonymous i told my mom and she cried and then told my dad and then she cried for the rest of the night and in the middle of the night i heard my dad yell god dammit lori who cares if he likes it up the ass Ask bangays a question #Anonymous 10 notes
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    Text - just-shower-thoughts: If two pregnant women get into a fist fight, it's like a mech battle between two fetuses.
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    Text - disproven: traceymoesby: kohwala: telepath more like telepathetic this sounds like something Magneto would say before high fiving Mystique Source: kohwala
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    Text - istherewholockonmars bilbo-hol... Source: thewhorecrux Today my dad was singing Christmas carols in the kitchen Dad: He knows how long you sleep in Dad: He knows that you've been baked Dad: He knows you spend all day online so you better hope your grandma gets you something nice because Santa is done with your shit 32,417 notes
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    Vertebrate - 17yr adults: "what are your plans for the summer?" "what are you planning on studying in college?" "what do you want to do in the future?" me: [panicked honk]
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    Text - trickytwitch *turns up to court in a fursuit* "hi I'm your public defurnder :3c" flanneldragon me: *tears in my eyes begging the judge* ill plead guilty if you arrest them too
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    Cat - How do I snap chat cliffordsfrienddaniel: could have said snap cat and you didnt.... 16
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    Text - WHO WOULD WIN? All of Europe A Sick Rat thatsmoderatelyraven Too soon a-relatable-potato it has been 7 and a half centuries
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    Movie - ELLEN PAGE ELLEN PAGE I DOWNLOADED A GHOST THE CAT THAI CAME BACK ELLEN PAGE GHOST CAT ACAEAY AuONIND ACTREASEN Ga SeNESIN TE Y OF MACLES AND R s kyrkovisan: rubyfruitjumble: smxy: Ellen Page's early filmography looks like it was Photoshopped for an Arrested Development gag. wait I looked it up and "ghost cat and "the cat that came back" are literally the same movie that was released under two different names and apparently they just tried to market it separately as a thriller and as hea
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    Cartoon - The boat's beautüful, Ash! Who's it belong to? don't know! ruinedchildhood GTA: Pallet Town Source: ash
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    Cat - foxyplaydate: notyoudonut my cat sleeps in this box and i was seeing how far i could push it to the edge before he jumped out and your cat ain't having none of this physics bullshit Source:notyoudonut 199,909 notes
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    Cat - edgaralantrog: glencocoabutter: son, your mother and i are very concerned i never laughed at two cats harder before in
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    Text - women's shampoos be like: coconut; honey/milk; rose; tropical fruits; aloe vera men's shampoos be like: ARCTIC ICE; DARKNESS; GUNS; TESTOSTERONE; PAIN
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    Album cover - 1 am Loki of Asgard and lam burdened with glorious purpose Loki, brother of Thor letsboldlygomotherfuckers: #IVE BEEN HERE THIRTY SECONDS Sourpe: paulwelsey
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    Text - zachsgay: i need to be like 12x hotter than i am now Ox12-0 Don't be fucking rude. Source: zachsgay 1,344,991 notes
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    Product - imagimeme durex durex 29 Little Hacks That Could Save Your Life saffron-not-so-joy is that a fucking game boy cartridge case? pancakeke this is a legit lifehack because keeping a condom in your wallet is bad news. the friction from it being in your pocket or jostled around wears down the latex and can cause it to tear. if you keep one on you in a gameboy cart case that won't be an issue because no one will have sex with you
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    Text - diary ofaclassygirl preppyinthenor... Source: shenanigans-a... tilly-oakley: shenanigans-and-sass: "I think this boy is flirting with me, but my self esteem is telling me that's not possible" - a novel by me "I think this boy might like me, but my self esteem is telling me that he must act like this with everyone" - the sequel 11,391 notes
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    Text - nice-wig-janis when plans get cancelled that you didn't wanna attend 122,041 notes
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    Cartoon - Sorry kid Canthelp ya. Why not? Two words l-am-retired. darkpassageisnear glgantorthemooseking It's funny because "I am retired" in Greek is Eiuai ouvrağiouxoc. which is two words ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... Disney
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    Text - seifukucat: welcome to plastic surgery addicts anonymous. i'm seeing a lot of new faces in the crowd this week andi just have to say i'm really disappointed Source: seifukucat 233,748 notes
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    Text - partybarackisinthehousetonight: mark, my words. *mark brings me my dictionary thank you mark (via thefuuuucomics)
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    Cat - jontronshat: Thats a spice meatball Source: jontronshat
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    Face - To make a long story short, I'd shoved a whole bag of jelly beans up my ass. hedgehogpincushion Iwant the long story.


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