Twitter User Uncovers Evidence That Belle Delphine's Mugshot Is Fake

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    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.
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    Text - Met Contact Centre i @MetCC Hil have a question is it possible for someone who has been arrested by the met police to get a copy of there booking in photo? 16:48 1 unread message You can obtain a copy but it won't look like a 'mugshot' because any alphanumeric data will be redacted, i.e. it will be just your face, 16:53
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    Face - Met Contact Centre i @MetCC Oh one more question would the picture have a water mark in the corner saying metropolitan police? 16:59 Metropolitan Police Would this be a real police picture
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    Text - Met Contact Centre i @MetCC 17:01 Really am Sorry for all the questions helping a friend out trying to confirm if the person in the picture is lying about being arrested or not 17:10 Unfortunately we can't confirm or deny this and are not allowed to disclose information about anyone If you Google Metropolitan Police custody images you can view genuine examples and make up your own mind. We don't recognise the watermark 17:12 Thank you very much for the reply you have been a great help 17:


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