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Women Befriends Wild Crows and Now They Guard Her Tiny Dog When He's Outside from Predatory Hawks


TikToker Elizabeth Marie has a senior chihuahua that means to the world to her. The itty bitty sweet old baby was there for her when she needed her the most and has never left her side. Now that she's a senior dog, she wants to provide the best care for her angel as best she can. However, she lives in nature and there is a lot of wildlife around here. And with the beauty of wildlife comes some dangers. For instance, predatory birds like hawks. Hawks have been known for scooping up small unsuspecting dogs for their dinner. 


Marie knows there are hawks in her area, so she always has to be careful when out with her smol smol dog. Recently, she started befriending the local crows. Crows are very intelligent creatures and can easily become familiar with a human if they feed them. Some are even known to bring gifts to humans who feed them. Marie's gift for her generosity to the grows is them guarding her dog from the hawks as they are outdoors. 


“The crow body guarding my senior chihuahua…”


The crows are always around them when they see them in their backyard. The little pup is able to run around freely with no worries because the crows are either flying in circles around them or perched overhead. She's even seen them chase off hawks that were flying a little too close for comfort. It's a beautiful thing to see wildlife connecting with other species like this. The connection is obviously a strong one and amazing to see. Is it because they love the little pup or they just know how important that sweet senior chihuahua is to the woman who feeds them that they are going to protect that little guy with their life. Nature is beautiful. 


“She deserves the finest crow security”

“Okay Batman, we'll take it from here…”

“Crow security on high alert”


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