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    Text - Rylee @RyleeMoser FOR WHAT REASON DOES EVERY APARTMENT COMPLEX HAVEA DOG WEIGHT LIMIT OF 20 POUNDS? I can promise you my 90 pound golden retriever is a hell of a lot better behaved than Karen's 7 pound piece of shit devil worshipping chihuahua
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    Text - When you know you'll marry her one day but you haven't said hi yet [ inner panic attack ]
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    Text - Honest Restaurant Manager @phileagle Pants: $55.99 Me: absolutely not, I'm not made of money Dinner and drinks: $60.45 Me: And here's a $15 tip!
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    Text - phteven @PhriendlyCody leaving a smash mouth concert] wife: did you really think they'd play "All-Star" for an entire hour? i me: *visibly agitated* guess not
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    Text - "Try using music to help you relax" TiP: SPICE UP YOUR PANIC ATTAC WITH A HARMONI CA
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    Text - logan @brainwxrms JOWA my sister is 9 years old and some boy in her class said she looked ugly today and she said "good because i wanted to look like you" i am crying
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    Plush - JAN 1: This is gonna be my year. ОСТ: @theoccasionalratchet
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    Text - BFF sees when your What your dumbass takes your ex back for the 12th time @yoursassyex
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    Text - Alli Brown @heyitsmeAlliB For me, being "chill" is getting to the airport three hours before take off soI can sit in a restaurant directly across from my gate and be anxious about missing my flight from there.
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    Text - dead boyfriend @brendonisdead october hasn't been spooky at all so far. all i've done is work and sleep. boring. someone plz spice things up. take me to a haunted house, bring me to a pumpkin patch, call me repeatedly w/ a blocked number, chase me thru a corn maze with a knife, idk murder me!
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    Text - "I hope you're in a better mood when I get back." Me when he gets back: @girlzzzclub
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    Text - lewis @lewisa95 'up to you' is the most annoying reply
  • 13
    Text - a-night-in-wonderland Goes on date *looks around* "I'm sorry, will the dog in your profile photo be joining us?" 122,967 notes
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    Text - discount miranda cosgrove @sarahworseryer have you or a family member ever dated a guy named matt. you maybe entitled to compensation
  • 15
    Text - 2009: Spent hours assigning individual ringtones to everyone I know. 2019: Sets phone to silent and lets everything go to voicemail.
  • 16
    Text - Girl Code @ltsGirlCodeTime October is almost Octover and i haven't picked out my costume, been to a haunted house, carved a pumpkin or even murdered anyone.
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    Text - HUMAN BEING (NOT SPOOKY BEES) @human_not_bees I homeschooled my dogs and honestly they're fucking idiots. 9:11 12 Oct 19 Twitter for Android ll View Tweet activity 219 Retweets 966 Likes
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    Text - Tweet Emerson McBones @WheelyMcBones Be nice to your skeleton. It's supported you for years. 8:51 AM 06 Oct 19 Twitter for Android
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    Facial hair - EXIT You having a bad day My love and support Me Ме [lauchterl -You're Wonderful. I love you u/paradoxicalpolymath
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    Facial expression - Me trying to get my cat to make the face My cat from the meme
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    Text - Chris Roman @chrisroman Oct 11 L no one: disney etsy shirts: & BROKE HUSBAND are done adulting & going to disney for the most expensive day ever THE RUM OS GONE & she bought me this shirt yes 76 6.7K 41.5K
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    Vertebrate - When you and her are the unlikely pair but y'all still look cute together
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    Nose - where you use essentials oils instead of performing actual medical procedures New version of 'Operation' for anti-vax moms (Collapse Lung (Sore Throat Frankingense Lavender (Gout) Lemongrass (Broken Rib) Hibiscus LObesity Slim
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    Text - Turn around! In the other direction! No! Turn around again! Dude where r u?! I don't see u!! I'm out of town. But the thought of u aimlessly turning around in circles amused me
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    Text - GARNICA @IsaiahGarnica for $5 i will write "yikes" under one of your ex's selfies
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    Text - Honest Restaurant Manager @phileagle_ Do I cry a lot? Yeah. Am I proud of that? You bet your ass I am, it's 2019 and it's cool to be in touch with your emotions. Get on my level and start healing. Interviewer: Thanks, we'll call you.
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    Product - Wanna do yoga today? I hate yoga 10:00 odidas @moistbuddha 'Rage yoga' class includes cursing and alcohol by WGN Web Desk | Oct 15, 2019 |9:28 PM I'm interested...
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    Text - rosie @rosaalieee baby fever but like in an aunt way
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    Text - Chris Thayer @ChrisThayerSays bought quick oats and two days later my roommate showed up with instant oats. I will not be humiliated; I must find an even sooner oat
  • 30
    is with 10 hours ago herd will begin April Mess with the bull you get the horn! D 2020! AY BRED WAW WW WAW Ww
  • 31
    Performing arts - How the argument sounds in my head vs when I say it @official
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    Yellow - I found the perfect costume for you. MORTON UDIZED SALT EMLN1 The Salty Bitch Costume
  • 33
    Text - Julie Burton @ksujulie Husband: Why is every female in this house so angry? Me: I've heard of this. I think our hormones are synced. Husband: With the devil?
  • 34
    Performance - me finding a cute dress with pockets
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    Dish - Hmm I wonder what happened to the sausage
  • 36
    Text - colleen @Coll3enG any crime happens* my mom: Mom> Yesterday 1:12 AM hey mom!!! i registered my car under your name if they call u you are at my apartment Today 3:48 PM Are you OK? ? Delivered There was a woman found dead in Tempe Lake. Just checking.
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    Yellow - Bröther may I have some spööps?


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