A Hefty Batch Of Memes For the Bored and the Boring

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    Text - rue @majinrue if you're changing your life around, you say 180. NOT 360. Wtf Joe Thumbben @ayahnaaragon "I did a complete 360" = "I'm back my bullshit"
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    Text - 27m Bro imagine if ejaculation wasn't billions of microscopic sperm cells but it was just one big sperm cell and everytime you jacked off you had to kill it before it squirmed too far Give Award Share 29 Comments SORT BY BEST Single comment thread. View all comments 100 points 4 hours ago Why would you have to kill it? Can't you just pick it up, feed it and take care of it, it'll greet you when you get home with its little tail wagging, cuddle you when there's thunder. Then once it's nice
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    Land vehicle - Police: If you aren't doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to hide. Also police: AV FLAMMABLE STATE POLICE
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    Vegetarian food - YOUMEANTO TELLME Memes in 2012 YOUR REAL NAME ISN'T MOM Memes in 2019 chärm
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    Cartoon - girls: do the dick thing guys: *flexes dick* girls:
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    Cat - oprahwinfried when you fake sick and everyones like "yeah you look really terrible"
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    Product - Deniz Camp @ SDCC @MDesaad If you turn the Chicago bulls logo upside down it's a robot having sex with a crab 14:36 2019-09-14 Twitter for iPhone
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    Cartoon - no one: me going up the stairs when I was 7:
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    Product - This shit was like getting punched in the face by a mint eva gutowski @lifeaseva if you remember these, you're eligible for assisted living, life alert and the jitterbug flip phone ICEEREAKERS Liquid Ice 30o
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    Text - Brazy @_trxlluminati it got so real they had to ban these from school JJACK @JalonJackson_1d i'm this old, lets see if y'all remember these silly bandz
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    Bull terrier - pennylane @Sam_JP_ just-
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    Adaptation - yall got any ants
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    Cartoon - Mobile ads when you touch 0.0001 cm away from the center of thex button Looks like you're going to the appstore Jimbo.
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    Toy - PASTHTE @POptartaday Relegg's న 200 1.5 210 19 SAT FAT SOO SUGARS pop talts CALORIES PER 1 PASTRY Ms oaster pastries Ranch Dressing Hidden Valley Naturally&Atieay F Com saboricates ales art Frosted Hidden Valley Ranch 12 TOASTER PASTRIES PASTELILLOS PARA TOSTAR NET WT/PESO NETO 22 0Z (1 LB 6 02) (624g)
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    Cartoon - Falling asleep in the car Fast-travel
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    Product - no one: us at 3am in 2007: Geacge Lopex 43
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    Text - Sometimes I feel like I got my life together but then my windshield gets foggy and I don't know what temperature to use to get rid of it
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    Face - The first guy to try mom's spaghetti must have been like: adam.the.creator
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    Facial expression - Me making the teacher talk about his life, so we don't have to work The teacher: They love me. The class: You fell victim to one of the classic blunders!
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    Cartoon - [Overhears anyone mention that something is broken] Dads: WO-40 Plae eCLASSICDADMOVES
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    Organism - When youve died 12 times on a boss fight with an unskippable cutscene
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    Cartoon - SPONGECRUST My brain 5 minutes before the exam My brain 5 minutes into the exam 25
  • 24
    People - the dishes
  • 25
    Adaptation - when you're two blocks from your house and you begin to lose the battle
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    Eyewear - Me: *changes the TV Source from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2* My grandparents: you did it. you Crazy son of a bitch, you did it
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    Technology - Cool Inside Hold Setting 78 559 HOLD Run Schedule Fan Auto System Cool WBIR.COM The coolest you should keep your house is 78 degrees, federal program recommends YEAH, THATS GONNA BE A "NO" FOR MEDAWG.
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    Photo caption - Leaving water bottle in hot car can start fire You were supposed to destroy the fire, not join it!
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    Font - When you go from being the blue girl in the highest grossing movie of all time to the green girl in the the highest grossing movie of all time 286 0168 2.286 14563 .156 0287 WAStonks 0.9% 0.12 made with poor effort
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    Face - When the demon under your bed comes out to kill you but you fully Cover yourself in the blanket It's a simple spell but quite unbreakable.
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    Text - McDonald's employee: *messes up order* Me: "Oh it's no pro." My mom: No mistakes. No do-overs. Frozony
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    Face - Me: *hits incognito mode for the 7th time today* My dead relatives who watch over me: @heckoffsupreme
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    Cartoon - Yes I am. Are you going to sleep? Now shut up. You have 2-4 minutes to live but every time you breathe it resets made with @HANNAH HLLAM 7 BuzzFEED
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    Text - When you show up for surgery and the front desk asks you to fill out a form explaining why you're there Hold on. This whole operation was your idea
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    Animated cartoon - When the teacher realizes the whole class tricked him to talk about his divorce and loss of child custody when he was supposed to be teaching polynomals You sly dog, you had me monologuing.
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    Cartoon - Teacher You have 5 minutes to copy everything from the white board. 21st Century Students
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    Text - нOW SOCIAL MEDIA WORKS Me: "I prefer mangoes to oranges..." Random Person: "So basically what you're saying is that you hate oranges? You also failed to mention pineapples, bananas and grapefruits. Educate yourself."


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