Company Fires Employee For Meme, Gets Trolled To Oblivion

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    Text - Cody Hidalgo Oct 20 at 1:50 PM I legit got fired for this... 473 491 Comments Like Share Comment
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    Text - Like Comment Share Bryce Thomas and 2 others We don't make a dollar when your shitting all the time. Why don't you stay home and do your shitting. I don't like to play your bullshit games. Maybe theres a company out there that would put up with your games cause i won't. Good luck! What are you talking about.? Look on your Facebook page, do you think thing don't get around?
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    Text - Because I shared a funny meme.? On a Sunday? When I'm not a work? You brought work into it on a Sunday. So you're going to fire me over meme I shared? That was nowhere relavent to work at all I share things I think are funny all the time It's a meme Andy why are you doing all of this over a meme Text Message
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    Sculpture - Andy's Roman Stone Works and Public Toilet (328) 1.1 Public wheelchair-accessible bathroom in Detroit, Michigan Open Follow
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    Photo caption - is at Roman Stone Works. 3 hrs Facebook for Android IDON'T ALWAYS FIRE EMPLOYEES ON THEIR DAY OFF BUT WHEN I DO, IT'S FOR MEME POSTING
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    Font - You guys were used as an example of work place Abuse and aggression at our company's Sensitivity training. 44 8 hrs Like Reply More Elmo has nowhere to poop now SD 42 Like Reply More 11 hrs When the Internet finds out you fired someone for using the bathroom at work.. 20 mematic 10 hre Like Renly More
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    Text - Andy's Roman Ston... OVERVIEW REVIEWS PHOTOS 7 reviews an hour ago This place was horrible! I went to use the bathroom and some guy came in yelling at me??? Awkward! 38 1 review an hour ago I went here looking to improve my home, but the manager asked if I had ever used a toilet. I was confused and answered in the affirmative. He then said they don't serve or hire any people who use toilets. They then turned me away, and ... More 34
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    Text - Andy's Roman Stone Works an... Is it better to wear an adult diaper or a catheter when working here? 18 1 ן Answer 17 hours ago very common misconception! Actually, here at Roman Stone Works we all wear bubble suits to cut back on time wasted removing our pants and sitting down to unload 198 לן
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    And how about this for the follow up, between the old manager and the employee that got fired for the meme.

    Text - 11:17 DF Drew Stop being a child and sending wack emails Cody. You were a shit employee own up to it and grow up. Bro I'm doing absolutely nothing lol It's social media You're sending unnecessary emails like you're 5. Don't be a punk. You got fired cause you were lazy. Move on and stop being childish Bro it's not me shared my post it went viral now people are doing your company up Not my problem nothing I can do to stop them You should come over and talk about this. Why don't you come ove
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    Text - 11:17 K DF Drew For what To talk about what Well if you want to be an adult you know where I am to come and talk otherwise. You handled this extremely childish I showed why I got fired on social media. To my friends. It went viral. I didn't do anything to provoke these people Would you like me to unblock you and friend you again so you can see this So then take the post down? I didn't speak down on your company nor your dad all I did was post the messages and the mean Meme I mean don't yo
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    Text - 11:17 DF Drew Meme I mean don't you think that is kind of childish? Really.. your friends are sending emails about getting a job for pooping? Like They're not my friends like I said it went viral these are people in Australia Scotland Poland Pathetic. If you say so This right here shows your maturity level and why you not having a kid is for the best rn And this now is why I'm not going to take the post down you basically just said my kid dying was the best thing that happened Lol good lu


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