Dating Fails

Girl Has Extreme Meltdown When Guy Matches with Her on Tinder without Noting Her Psycho Dating Criteria

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    Shoulder - 1:55 AM O0OTELUS 39% Spencer, 21 University of Guelph-Humber 16 kilometers away 4th yr this Sept 016 for Justice. Gamer(GTAV Online Ps4),love european football,barca fan & love edm/ reggae/pop/rap/rock/reggaeton.Not looking for flings/hookups/s**(non-beliver of premarital)& Not looking for drug users/smokers of any sort. Looking for hopefully long term relationship nothing long distance within my city range ONLY.Ask for my skype have no other social medias sorry but skype +cell # give
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    Text - wooE S 12595 AM 39 Spencer Hello, good evening how are you? So why did you swipe on me? Did you even read my profile and meet what it outlined???? I just saw GTA 5 and swiped right tbh lol Cool story bye ignorant, doucheface & waste of time asshole that swipes over pics only go fuck yourself That's MR. ignorant douche face waste of time asshole that swipes over pics only to go fuck myself to you miss Sent Type a Message... Send GIF W E O Y U S K L D H Z X V B N X return 123 space OL (:1
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    Text - waoE GS 38 1138 AAM Spencer Look hun this is 2016 i dont go after looks only. I look for real men with a personality and respect. Looks come last. Im not a whore like you and everyone else on here Not my fault you decided to be an ignorant fuck by ignoring what i outlined. You buried yourself not me with your shit talking. Simple response would have done it by stating sorry what i outlined isnt what ur after and unmatch or sure thing i definitely terms and so forth. can respect your But y
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    Text - woodE ES 38 1136AAM Spencer But you chose the ugly route of sending yourself to hell by ur horseshit this entire time. And your pics are fromi believe 4 years ago because im a 100 % positive i have talked to you before i dont ever forget assholes. Probably or okcupid or here. plenty of fish dating site on People dont fucking change clearly. And finally not my loss sweety i have 30 other matches than your sorry desparate ass where u chose tinder to get women so far u earned tons of unmatch
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    Text - wooBEf GS 38 156 AAM Spencer When really ur probably another cockroach on a high horse behind an app thinking you are all that when ur unworthy piece of shit. n a So are you still selling the digital dreams tickets orrrrrrr?? Not to you im not. else yeah only to respectful Everyor people not shit faces like you. 00pur was Spencer it doesn't have to be like this.... My friends and I need a 4th for our gta heist.... We're so close to buying a tank Sent GI Send Type a Message...


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