Cancer Cured? An Australian Company Thinks So

What was once a saving grace to halt the scourge of smallpox 2 centuries ago, has now struck again, this time, with cancer. CF33, or Chimeric Orthopoxvirus. US Cancer wunderkind Professor Yuman Fong made the initial discovery, while the Australian company Imugene licensed the innovation and are pushing for human trials starting next year. 

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    Hands On Approach is Best

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    Professor Fong is actually in Australia currently helping to organize the future clinical trials. Patients suffering from a wide variety of cancers including, melanoma, lung, gastric, triple negative breast cancer, and bowel cancer, among others will be tested as a part of the study.

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    What Is The Virus?

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    The virus, which causes the common cold, was turned into a treatment alternative to chemotherapy and other cancer treatments, that often ravage the body while they fight the cancer.

    Even as these other treatments are not 100% viable, this newfound solution uses less viruses than any other treatment before it, and was found extremely effective in all of its petri dish and mice trials. 

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    For Visual Effect

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    The viruses and antibodies enter the cancer cell, and starts to rapidly duplicate itself until the cancer cells burst, which releases even more viruses to attack the cancer. It is critical for the study that they test this effect on a number of types of cancer, to prove it is more effective in treating more than just one form of the disease.

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    This is How it Works


    The utility of the virus comes in its short life cycle and extremely rapid spread. However, unlike some other viruses, this one does not integrate into the host's genome. That is, it does not change anything within the individual the virus is injected into, besides getting rid of the cancer. 

    The treatment has been found to work in localized tumors, as well as systematic treatment of cancer that has spread beyond one area. With the ability to be applied and used in a number of cancer treatment scenarios, CF33 could be the next 

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    The Immune System Get's Involved

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    The hope with the virus is that because of the immune response triggered by the virus, and the body and immune system recognize the presence of other cancer cells, causes it to start fighting back naturally.  The virus would be injected directly into the tumors in order for the virus to start working, but can also be introduced in other ways, as mentioned before.

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    The Whole Shebang

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    The entire process is pretty simple, the virus is more or less teaching the body to recognize and destroy the cancerous cells. While there are some developing and even used therapies involving viruses and cancer, CF33 in particular is unique in how effective it is over a broad range, and also in the manner in which it is administered, even being functional as a nighttime titration. 

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    And So It Begins

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