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Every Year, A Herd Of Elephants Marches 12 Hours To The House Of Their Deceased Rescuer

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    Mourning the death of the "Elephant whisperer"

    For 12 hours, two herds of wild South African Elephants slowly made their way through the Zululand bush until they reached the house of late author Lawrence Anthony, the conservationist who saved their lives. The formerly violent, rogue elephants, destined to be shot a few years ago as pests, were rescued and rehabilitated by Anthony, who had grown up in the bush and was known as the "Elephant Whisperer."

    There are two Elephant herds at Thula Thula. According to his son Dylan, both arrived at the Anthony family compound shortly after Anthony's death. "They had not visited the house for a year and a half and it must have taken them about 12 hours to make the journey," Dylan is quoted in various local news accounts. They all hung around for about two days before making their way back into the bush. "Elephants have long been known to mourn their dead.

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    Text - Scott Harding Reasons we absolutely have to save these amazing animals! I have had the privilege of working with these beautiful animals and they could definitely teach humanity a thing or two 206 Like Reply 1d
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    Text - Bernadette Ryan It's well known and long observed, that elephants grieve after their loved one dies. Elephants grieving and having empathy for another species, should only make humans reciprocate this kindest of acts to other species and show empathy while they are still living 1.1K Like Reply 1d Edited
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    Text - roTopho Greyson Kimberly They are better than we will ever be, and after all we have done to them in our history together, they are still the most magical things on earth and they see the good in us still. They are more connected to this world than anything. I don't know what I would do if they didn't exist. My Ele's. 50 Like Reply 1d
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    Text - Jackie Ann Rimmer I respect and love elephants. Always have and always will. They are beautiful. The leader is female. She leads them to food and water. They mourn the dead elephants. 22 Like Reply 1d
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    Text - Dorothy Maxwell Bolster Grimes Love is such a strong force we could move mountains and make miracles happen ! These Elephants have that kind of Love, such a Beautiful tribute to the man they Love and who Loved them b 41 Like Reply 1d
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    Text - Bridget Leggett Never underestimate the power kindness and love of the elephant these magnificent creatures know more than we humans could ever give them credit for 43 Like Reply 1d
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    Text - Gerri Ochinero Elephants are amazingly sensitive animals. They display compassion, sorrow, and love for each other and for beloved humans, as well 91 Like Reply 1d


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