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Eye Bleach Wouldn't Be Strong Enough for These Horrible Incidents of Catching Your Parents Getting Freak Nasty

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    Text - Sunny Purdin, Librarian Written Aug 13 My stepfather had just left the house and I was in my parents' bedroom talking to my mom. I leaned on the bed and felt something wet on my hand. I went to smell my hand and realized I had just put my hand in the "wet spot." My mom was pretty embarrassed. I wanted to cut my hand off.
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    Text - Anonymous Written Sep 17 They were watching porn. I was 12-13 at that time and didn't know much about porn. I was trying to sleep in my bedroom but could not sleep. I had to go tto the bathroom. My bedroom does not have a bathroom. It is in another room. And the TV lounge is in way of another room. I slightly opened the door and saw that my parents were watching porn on a DVD player. I closed the door ASAP They still don't know that I found out about this. That night was very horrible for
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    Nose - Alexandra Bagale, Really?! Just one? Written 31 Jul Warning: Graphic content ahead. Make sure you have parental guidance while reading this НАН. In high school I worked part time at Arby's. I busted my rump and worked like a slave during my shifts because I really enjoyed that job and I needed the money for gas, phone bill, etc. I would often come home sweating grease and smell like a rancid onion just freshly peeled. This particular night, a fucking Friday of course, was absolutely horri
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    Text - Naija Styles, I have parents and grand parents alive and have my own 2boys Written Aug 18 GOOD BUSINESS My parents got separated before i could cry HELLO WORLD. so it was the mystery why and how my grandad always ended up in my grandma's room despite going to sleep in his own room at night I normally slept off in my grandma's room then woke up in my mum's. I never actually caught them as grandpa was always under the duvet and grandma would talk over any question arising. Grew to about 13
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    Text - William Rogers, Public Safety Professional Written Aug 22 Not my story, but one a friend told me... Russ and his wife were in bed doing what most married people occasionally do. As he was in the process of being a good husband, with his face firmly pressed against his wife's hoo- ha, and one of his boys knocked of their door. Apparently the door wasn't securely shut, and said door swung open. Seeing his dad in said unusual position he asked, "Whatcha looking at, Dad?" For the life of me I
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    Text - Amanda Zawjatunazmul, Muslim revert, world traveller, friend, wife, mother, aunt to an angel baby. Updated Aug 22 Graphic content. I was 16 and in bed. My father was prudish but my mother not. My bedroom was at the bottom of the stairs up to their room. Apparently my mother decided to cheeky flirt by tossing cold water onto my dad in the shower so he got out and chased her, trying to hug her while she had her good work clothes on. Anyways, I'm minding my own business with my CD player and
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    Text - Anonymous Written Aug 13 Coming home and seeing them steam cleaning the carpets. In Halloween costumes. It was April. My mother had on a nurses uniform and an Indian headdress. My dad had on a a superhero costume, complete with tights High on hashish Cooking fish sticks. They asked me to get the fish sticks out of the oven and if I wanted dinner I am forever scarred for life.
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    Text - Anonymous Written Thu Going anonymous as I don't want my parents to know about how much impact this had on me I was about 16 years of age when this happened. It was the last week of the month and a few of our family friends visited us for chit chat after dinner. WHen they showed up and said "hey guys, lets have ice cream together", my parents said yes very reluctantly and they just went inside one of the bedroom. I was not sure why they were not excited as I was sure as hell thrilled to e
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    Text - Anonymous Written Aug 14 When I was 14 or so, my parents fought regularly. And when they had a particularly bad argument, my mother would pack up her stuff in their room and come to sleep in mine (and my sister's) until he managed to woo her back. So this particular time, they had a huge fight, and in her usual hissy fit she brought her stuff over to my room. Perhaps it was because of that they couldn't get any action. I don't know, don't want to know. One particular afternoon, I decided
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    Text - Gail Written Aug 13 Till the age of around 9 years old I shared the bed with my mom while dad tends to sleep on the floor on a single bed (heh). One time when I was five years old, I woke up in the middle of the night to my parents doing the "deed" and my naive and sleepy self asked what they were doing and they said they were massaging each other.... I have no idea how I remember that night when I was half asleep but I wish I didn't :
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    Text - Joe Penson Written Sep 15 I have two instances, I remember going downstairs to get a drink and seeing my mums head pop p from under the table, her hair a mess and red faced. It didn't take much for to figure out she had been giving her bf a blow job. second thing was when I came down stairs with my gf at the time on Christmas morning to get us coffee and I see said boyfriend making my mum and himself coffee, butt naked. We just walked out silently. My gf then sat on my bed wide eyed as sh


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