Sisters get backlash for filming TikTok rick and morty dance, viral, mom's death, mom's funeral, mother's funeral, yikes, cringe, dancing, tiktok dances

Sisters Do 'Rick and Morty' TikTok Dance At Mother's Funeral, Ignite Criticism

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Funny three part twitter story from @sixthformpoet, classic twitter thread, tweets, funny tweets, wholesome, love, death, visiting father's grave | sixthformpoet @sixthformpoet ONE My dad died. Classic start funny story. He buried small village Sussex really close my dad so visited his grave lot still do DON'T WORRY GETS FUNNIER 11:52 09/06/2019 Twitter iPhone 175K Retweets 392K Likes

Wholesome Twitter Story Is A Whirlwind Of Good Deeds & Humor

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The Entire Final Destination Franchise Explained (By A Guy Cheating Death And Cooking Spaghetti)

cracked, jordan breeding, final destination, movie, movies, horror, funny, video
Via Cracked
A classic franchise, pasta, and a little trademark suspense. What more could you ask for? Final Destination is long overdue the Cracked treatment, which Jordan Breeding does his best with even with the looming threat of his own mortality hung over his head. All five movies get a blow-by-blow analysis that would be impressive even if he wasn't outsmarting death himself at the same time. Although admittedly, it does come at the expense of the noodles.
Funny social media posts from boomers and other old people, elderly, geriatric, funny, cringe, fail, Facebook, Amazon, direct messages, texting | DON'T CARE GIPHY Write comment. Y'all can mom delete this comment? Someone's husband died and some reason commented this her |  My name is Maria and today is my 107 Birthday and nobody wants SHARE my post because am old Hi Maria, Happy birthday won't share because will not respond threats or bribes, Have great day

16 Old People Who Are Really Living It Up On The Facebook

Pure gold.
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Wedding catastrophe stories from AskReddit.

14 Scarred Souls Share Their Wildest Wedding Catastrophes

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Creepy twitter story about kid discovering stranger in his kitchen, later the dude dies in the walls of the house, smells, maggots | Grady Hendrix @grady_hendrix One night May 81 ordered Fish Shrimp House waited until everyone asleep crept downstairs eat leftover sweet n'sour pork. took forever finally stepped into totally dark den let down my guard. All sudden heard fork click on counter froze microwave clock light showed outline man sitting at kitchen counter can't explain terrifying is

Eerie Twitter Story About Kid Sneaking Food & Discovering Trespasser

Brace yourself for the heebie jeebies.
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jenny jinya new comic about life and death - thumbnail of death asking life if toucans are her favorite creation

Jenny Jinya's Newest Comic About Death Interacting With Life

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thumbnail of ghost parakeet on deaths shoulder "Hey Reaper it's been so long I don't even remember what my feathers looked like Hm, well Can you show it to me again?"

New Short Comic From Jenny-Jinya About Extinction

And yes, prepare for feels
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Kid's dad passes away, kid discovers dad's notebook, and then a feels trip ensues. | Like, Anonymous 1 hour ago 46515536 1474820705804.jpg (23.3 KB, 242x206) 1 REPLY ears Rain, Sco0 >Born year 1993 >Mother abandoned at birth >22 year old father abandons all his dreams raises alone >times are tough as fuck as he has juggle work and whenever he has free time play vidya together move old nintendo and shit WoW raiding and so on

Kid's Dad Passes Away, Kid Discovers His Notebook, Feels Trip Ensues

Right in the feels.
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Mortician on dating app gets a lot of puns from one person | As comedian am very much resisting urge make so many deaths puns right now. Must mean like Oh my god no let rip love hearing jokes about So is why on hinge? Cause think romance is dead should let stay night and practice while sleep. Might get stiff though 5"10, Im glad my height doesn't matter since like 6 feet under. Since are pandemic don't come on date with if are coffin If wanna impress need urn These puns dont get better they only

Mortician on Dating App Gets Slammed With Puns

That premise is getting done to death.
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Funny and relatable memes, depression memes, anxiety memes. | Man Arrested Oregon Swinging Lightsaber At Cops, Deflects Tasers Florida Man Soon will have new apprentice. One far younger and more powerful. | have work money survive Life sucks.

A Solid Mix Of Funny & Bleakly Relatable Memes

Memes > Real Life
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Funny memes and tweets about Thanksgiving 2020, dank memes, bleak memes, depressing memes, cdc, coronavirus, family, lol | Thankful Joe @DontMissLegDay Thanksgiving with the family circa 2020 soldiers in gas masks | DO SAY GOD DEATH? NO, AUNT KAREN NOT COMING THANKSGIVING THIS YEAR. Game of Thrones

Bleak Memes & Tweets That Sum Up Thanksgiving 2020

What a year.
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latest heartbreaking comic by artist jenny jinya all about orca captivity - thumbnail of orca remembering the sea and swimming freely with family | remember wild waves @JennyJinya and remember family and endless freedom

Jenny Jinya's Addresses Orca Captivity In Newest Comic

Another gut-wrenching tearjerker coming right up
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Tumblr thread about death good being a good guy | mikkeneko concept death god is actually surprisingly supportive and on side good guys, supporting actions and promoting policies will lead kingdom growing and thriving instead being destroyed, because more kingdom grows more people there are, and more people there are more people will eventually die, and an immortal god death know there's no need rush get them all end mikkeneko like responses on this post are cleanly split between "hey this is gr

Tumblr Thread: A Death God that's Not a Bad Guy

Paging Hades and Terry Pratchett...
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tribute to the legendary longcat meme who passed away at age 18 - thumbnail of longcat and the meme that made longcat famous

Cat Meme Legend, "Longcat" Has Passed Away At Age 18

RIP Nobiko
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Funny story from facebook, funny thread about dad's ashes that became solidified, funny advice | some ashes out air has gotten into and ashes have basically solidified into big square brick she putting some his ashes into my jar she had CHISEL AT HIS ASHES get enough put jar can't stop laughing. Does anyone know break ashes back up doesn't involve chisel or putting pillowcase and driving over with car (my mums other suggestion can't were meant scatter them into ocean and my mum said can either

Advice Thread On How To Deal With Solidified Human Ashes Is Comedy Gold

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