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An Illustrated Look at a Deranged Fairy Tale About A Half-Hedgehog Jerk Bagpiper

Yes, you read that right.
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30 Funny Memes For History Nerds

They're a blast from the past.
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Medieval Art Showing people getting Stabbed But Couldn't Care Less

People In Medieval Art Who Are Getting Stabbed But Literally Couldn't Care Less

The Middle Ages were brutal
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Funny medieval memes | The Garden of Death dead inside but at least planet's pretty  | king getting stabbed Really, dude? Really?

Medieval Memes From The Bleak Days Of The Middle Ages

That art was something else.
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Funny meme about wanting to live in the past, but the past sucks, medieval art, spear in a guys butt
Via u/thebelsnickle1991
funny memes, classical art memes, art memes, classical art, biblical, classical painting, history memes, memes, funny, relatable memes, art, medieval memes, medieval, middle ages, covid-19 memes, quarantine memes | don't care who dad is, this is an illegal gathering The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci broken up by police | Waiting on my vibrator charge like

35 Classical Art Memes For Refined Tastes

Memes both cultured & dank
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Funny classical art memes | Perhaps Judas's biggest crime never understanding personal space | Time traveller year is 2020 Time traveller- Oh 1st year quarantine classicaldamn

Fifteen Classical Art Memes For The Cultured Soul

Behold! Art!
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twitter thread of medieval animal paintings that look nothing like the animal | Daniel Holland @DannyDutch thread medieval paintings animals look nothing like real animals because artist had never seen them. Starting with Oyster | This Owl with human face

Unrecognizable And Amazing Medieval Animal Paintings (Twitter Thread)

Pure art
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Funny classical art meme with caption that reads, "Queen: come to bed; King: not until I have a name for my soldiers; Queen: k night; King: babe ur a genius"
Via LifeConfessionguy1
students recreate strange scenes from medieval books - cover pic women standing up and man in bed woman holding dog

Czech Students Recreate Strange Scenes From Medieval Books

The best way to learn history
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Funny dank memes about the Crusades | Lisa Simpson presentation Karen is new heresy | joe @TravusHertl not cell phone sight. just living moment. absolutely beautiful, wish could go back

Fifteen Crusader Memes Straight From The Holy Land

For Jerusalem
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Oh Sorry Man, Didn't See Ya There

Funny meme that reads, "When you so high you accidentally roll your homie into a joint" above a medieval painting of two men holding a third men who is wrapped up like a burrito
Via ReduceReuseRecycledMemes
Tumblr thread about the medieval weapon the lantern shield | man-who-sold-za-warudo Knight have trained all forms combat and weapons since birth cannot be bested. Some horsecock motherfucker:

Tumblr Thread: The Spikey Insanity of The Lantern Shield

Because why shouldn't a shield also get to poke?
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Oh Hey There

Funny classical art meme showing a man playing an instrument talking to a woman, saying, "Damn girl, are you a religious scripture? Because I want to constantly misinterpret you for my own benefit"
Via TransDimensionalCouncilOfRicks
Funny dank memes about trebuchets | parents ask where all 100 kilogram stone projectiles went | comic Hey goin sleep? Yes, now shut up Theoretically trebuchet space would have infinite range

Sixteen Trebuchet Memes Perfect For Yeeting Your Boredom

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A Tumblr thread describes all the wild medieval battle tactics. | Medieval castle stairs were often built ascend narrow, clockwise spirals so right- handed castle defenders could use their swords more easily. This design put those on way up at disadvantage (unless they were left-handed steps were also uneven give defenders advantage anticipating each step's size while attackers tripped over them. Source Source 2 Source

Tumblr Thread: Medieval Battle Tactics Were Wild

Yay, history is fun.
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