An informative Tumblr thread breaks down the proper care for monsters in the world. | headspace-hotel Follow Common misconceptions surrounding care monsters Contrary popular belief is NOT normal Cerberus's heads fight with one another; this indicates anxiety or lack proper enrichment.

Educational Tumblr Post On Proper Monster Care

It's as if Hagrid himself wrote this.
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gorgeous and detailed pies featuring animals and monsters - thumbnail includes two images one of a ghostbusters pie and one of a kraken pie

Spooky Halloween-Inspired Pies Featuring Animals And Monsters

Amazing artwork
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A Tumblr story about how a guy ends up befriending the monster underneath his bed | 2 writing-prompt-s drop small piece food on floor, and decide kick under oven/couch/ whatever because can't be bothered pick up. As walking away hear very quiet "Thank under bethanythemartian "No problem say words passing out my mouth on autopilot, before my brain engages and freeze.

Tumblr Post: Guy Makes Friends With Monster Under The Bed

Love that twist on the typical monster under the bed scenario.
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artist adds monsters into thrift store paintings - monster in river monster with mountains

Artist Hilariously Adds Monsters to Thrift Store Paintings

Putting monsters in art
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Funny meme that reads, "Me opening my front door to grab a package the Amazon driver dropped off..." above a an image of a monster coming out of a cave
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Nothing To See Here

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "WELCOME VISITOR. WE HAVE A 'CHURCH' AND A 'SCHOOL' AND NO TENTACLES WHATEVER" above an image of a map of a city called, "Humansville"
Tumblr monster writing prompt short story | writing-prompt-s charge assigning every child on Earth monster under their bed. One child particular has caused every monster assigned him/her quit decide assign yourself. kittenwiskers Case 273402 Status: Disastrous stare at file and realize have no options, over last 2 years every monster assigned Charlotte Dower has quit, every last one. Her first monster giant goldfish-faced humanoid named Bubba, had been with her four years,

Tumblr Monster Writing Prompt Invokes The Feels

It's like a darker Monster's Inc.
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people prove living monsters  wife husband boyfriend girlfriend funny pics imgur reddit | Flatmate Made Pasta, Then Left For A Vacation I Sort Of Want To Cuddle It furry moldy pasta dish

Funny Pictures Exposing The “Monsters” People Are Living With

An insight into how some people choose to live
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AskReddit insensitive questions asked funny rude monster | omg_daisy 23.9k points 13 hours ago "Why did give him money" my managers response telling her got robbed at gun point our store

People Reveal The Most Insensitive Things They've Ever Been Asked

Some people are truly monsters
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Just No

Funny tweet that reads, "Why do I even bother shopping at Walmart anymore" above a photo of a product called "Mayonster" mayonnaise and monster drink
Via anlyin

Seriously though...what the heck is that thing?!

scary australia funny monster - 9386396928
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Video of woman explaining why monster came from Satan.

Woman Explains Why Monster Energy Drinks Are From The Devil

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Funny video of a Christian woman explaining why Monster energy drinks are 'unchristian'

Christian Lady Explains Why Monster Energy Drinks Are Satanic

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funny kyle meme about the fall of the berlin wall, germany, monster energy drink.
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mountain dew Memes ridiculous funny Video comedian name monster - 97491457

Comedian Depicts A Typical Day When Your Name is Kyle

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Funny meme, trevor wallace, when your name is kyle, energy drinks, video memes, funny memes.

Kyle Memes Reach A New Level With This Hilarious Short

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