These Memes Will Give You Anxiety

We've rounded up some relatable memes so you can calm your anxiety by scrolling through memes about anxiety.

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    I Was Worried You Wouldn't Show Up!

    Via: onlytwitterpics

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    I've Seen the Movies, Things Are Gonna Turn Sad Any Minute Now

    Via: Dory

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    Time to Go Make Some Giant Sandwiches?

    Via: stability

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    OMG I Never Thought of It Like That!

    Via: onlytwitterpics

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    These Fake Magazine Covers Know Exactly What It Means to Have Anxiety

    Via: @crayonelyse

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    Just Try Not to Ask That Kind of Question

    Via: mysteryho

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    This Man is Hiding a Terrible Secret Under His Shirt

    Via: NayRob

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    Fifteen Seconds of Pants-Wetting Trepidation

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    Thanks to This, I'll Never Eat a Cucumber Again

    Via: 420dongsquad

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    Clickhole is Way Too Real Sometimes

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    Why Can't I Hold All These Feels?

    Via: I Love Charts
    Quantifying Everything For Great Justice

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    Those With Social Anxiety Know This Good Feeling

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    Wanna Take This Back to My Place Where There's Less Stimulation?

    Via: gelebi

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    Hooray for Social Anxieties

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