10 GIFs of Animals Playing Tetherball That Are Essential For Understanding The Beauty of Life

Hey, it's Monday, but rather than being a bunch of sad sack Garfields, its better to watch an assortment of animals playing tetherball. This way one can see the call of the wild that can be subsumed by a ball attached to a pole with a string.

  • Bulldogs Definitely View It as Great Team Building Excercise

    Via: Youtube
  • Corgis Are No Slouches When It Comes to Giving It All Their Stumpy Legs Can Give

  • This Guy Can't Bear to Stop

  • These Three Are Unleashing The Beastmode

  • Boston Terriers Are Known For The Unrelenting Energy

  • Even Cats Enjoy a Good Game, Provided They Are Comfortable

  • These Rat Terriers Understand Group Attacks Hit Harder

  • This Shiba Inu Doesn't Mind Playing Solo

    Wow. Such focus.
  • Lambs Love Don't Quite Get It But Still They Try

  • This Lonely Moose Doesn't See What The Big Deal Is

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