15 Critters and Their Amazing Camouflage Abilities

One thing that all military vets know is the importance of being unseen by the enemy. In the spirit of Veterans Day, here is a list of animals that show their skills at blending in with their environments. As you'll notice below, some critters are better than others...

  • That's Right...Just a Few More Steps to the Catapult...

    By Unknown
  • The One on the Left Moved to a Dairy Farm...He Was Never Seen Again

  • No Other Baby Chameleon Could Match These Skills

  • Closing Your Eyes to Hide Actually Works in This Spot of the House

  • It's Convenient to Have a Cloaking Devise that Looks Like a Cozy Rug

    By Unknown
  • Which of These Things is Not Like the Other?

    By Kallile
  • Snowcat Catches a lot More Mice in the Winter...

  • Yeah...That Ought to do it...

    By Unknown
  • This is the Snow Kitty in Summer Time

  • The Dog has no Idea

  • Some Questions are Just Really Important

  • Trust Me...He's In There...

    By Unknown
  • A Suspiciously Cute Snowball

  • Keep Your Enemies Close

  • He Didn't Want a Bath...So he Ended Up Cleaning the Floor Instead

    By Unknown
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