Game of Thrones Season 4 is Here and the Season Premiere Was as Awesome as Ever (Caution: Here Be Spoilers!)

Arya and the Hound walk into a bar. There were no survivors.

Not only did the premiere of season 4 produce content ripe for meme-ification, it broke the viewership record for the series with 6.60 million people tuning in. Combine that with encore ratings, and the viewers reached 8.2 million.


  • How about that opening scene?

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    Oh, wait...
  • It was True Detective all over again.

  • Tyrion had GO while Bronn just pirated it.

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  • Dany's dragons are getting grown.

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    "OMG Mahm stahp I'm not a kid anymore!!!1!111!oneone1!"
  • Jaime tried to send his regards.

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  • Guis. Guis. Hey u guis. Chek it out. Reel gold. Guis.

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  • Sword fighting left-handed is almost as hard as writing left-handed.

  • Prince Oberyn was a stabby douchebag.

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  • The Hound frowns upon his battle tactics, though.

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  • Speaking of The Hound, I think we can all agree what the best part of the episode was...

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  • Chickens. So many chickens.

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    Hearthstone players know that feel.
  • Omar knows that feel too.

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  • "We're the king's men!" They said, as if it would make any difference.

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  • U bettr not pis him off m8, I swer...

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  • Alright chums, thumbs up? Let's do this...

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  • Overall, we give the season premiere:

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    5 chickens out of 5.

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