These Horrible Face Swaps Will Keep You Awake at Night

Oh, were you planning on drifting off to sleep tonight without a care? Maybe you should turn away now if that's the case. These face swaps are horrifying enough to leave you with nightmares.

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    Via: gowhoastop

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    The Horrors of Faceswapping

    Via: local-wizards

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    Happy Easter?

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    There Are Two Very-Different Nightmares Happening in This Failed Face Swap

    Via: Agent_Hank_Schrader

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    When You're Just Trying to Face Swap With Your Brother, But Mona Lisa is Always Watching

    Via: all around the web

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    Too Terrifying for Even a Parent to Love

    Via: Elatedonion

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    Let's All Just Agree to Stop Face Swapping With Cats

    Via: JimmyKimmeI

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    Actually, Lets Stop Face Swapping With All Animals

    Via: kdwahl

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    The Only Thing Worth Using a Face Swap App For

    Via: John Daly

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    What's For Dinner?

    Via: Hooligan666

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    Protip: Never Faceswap Gingerbread Men Unless You Don't Want to Sleep That Night

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    Nope, Nope, Nope...

    Via: DireCorgi79

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    Something About This is Fishy

    Via: carlsnakeston

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    This One's... Shocking

    Via: Baconman87

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    No Wonder These Things Are Illegal In the U.S,

    Via: Rod709

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    All Right, That's Enough

    Via: nagolol

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    Here, Watch This One, It's Funny!

    Via: Woodsie TV
    Try to forget all the terrible things you just saw.
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