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The Pawsome Cats Who Made 2019 So Much Better

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    Cinderblock, The Obese Cat Who's Not Interested In Her New Exercise Regimen


    Cinderblock was surrendered to a vet in her town where she was diagnosed as clinically obese and had to undergo prescription and physical theraphy regimen to get back into shape. Twitter synthesized. 

    Keep on keepin' on, Cindy.

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    The Cat Who Sounds Like He's Saying "Well, Hi" In Thick Southern Accent

    In a now viral video, originally posted to TikTok, has more than 1.4 million views and nearly 11k comments! The orange tabby star, named Gambino, is seen in the video running away into the kitchen -- then pops out from behind the fridge to meow. And that adorable meow, as Gambino's owner perfectly describes in the bio, sounds like he is saying, "Well, hi!" in a thick Southern accent. 

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    The Bold Cat Who Crashed Fashion Show And Fought With Models

    Fashion - VAKKOESMOD USLARARASDA AKADEMISİ debde ESMOD INTERNATIONA ESMOD INTERNATIONAL C* C* ISTANBUL ISTANBUL :...: ....... . . .... :. .. ... ... . . i.. . .. : ...

    Cats love to crash big events. It's probably not because they want the attention, but rather just because they don't care about the rules. 

    Take this cat, for example.

    At the Esmod International Fashion Show which was held in Emaar Square Mall in Istanbul, Turkey, while all the models were walking on the runway, a cat surprisingly showed up and took all the spotlights. The kitty just sat in the middle of the runway and started cleaning herself; At some point, she felt like the people around her (The models, this time) were interrupting her so she decided to fight back.

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    The Black Cat Who Reversed The Cowboys' Luck Against The Giants in One Game


    Halloween wasn't over yet for this black cat, who made a surprise appearance in the second quarter of the Giants-Cowboys game. Shortly after, Dallas scored 10 points in a minute to take a 13-12 lead into halftime. 

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    The "Criminal" Cat Who Went Viral For Constantly Opening The Door To Free His Shelter's Roommates

    Door handle

    Quilty, A 7-year-old cat who is named after a character in Vladimir Nabokov's novel, "Lolita," has gone viral for his mischief and rebellious nature. Turns out, "Criminal" Quilty is repeatedly letting the other cats out of their rooms and into the shelter lobby. When the Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization in Houston posted a funny post including photos showing a very displeased cat, Twitter got all stirred up.

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    The Cat Who Was A Groomsman In His Owner's Wedding And Stole The Show


    You're about to fall in love with a new star -- Prince Michael! The newlyweds first adopted Prince Michael, a British short-hair, 5 years ago and knew from the start they were going to involve the furriest little member of the family in the celebration in a huge way -- as one of the groomsmen. 

    Prince Michael's adopted dad, Aaron Benitez, revealed on Good Morning America, "He's been a huge part of our lives ever since we started dating. Even as a kitten, Michael would ride the subway with me, go to Central Park, Joshua Tree, and the beach. Our first Valentine's Day, we brought him along for the day and have made it a tradition ever since to include him." 

    They dressed Prince Michael in a tuxedo for the occasion and the wedding photographers, Jonnie and Garrett Burks, were taken back, stating they've both never seen anything quite like a cat as a groomsman.

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    Koyuki, The Head Monk Of The Cat Shrine in Japan


    Need we say more? Welcome to Nyan Nyan Ji (which directly translates to Meow Meow Shrine)! Nyan Nyan Ji is located in Kyoto, and visitors are in for a pawsitive surprise because they'll be greeted by Koyuki, the cat monk! If you ever find yourself in Kyoto, Japan, this place is a must!

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    Vito, The Bionic Cat Went Viral For Being The First Cat In Italy To Receive Prosthetic Legs


    Vito is a six-year-old cat from Milan, Italy, who has become an internet "superstar" as the first in Italy to receive two prosthetic hind legs following a serious road accident. 

    The poor cat had both rear legs amputated after they were crushed by a vehicle in Milan while his owners were away on their honeymoon. The couple, former basketball player Silvia Gottardi and her wife Linda Ronzoni, returned home immediately. Vito's story has been widely shared with the hashtag #vituzzosuperstar. His surgery to attach two prostheses by inserting them directly into his remaining upper leg bones has reportedly never before been achieved successfully in Italy. Here are some photos of this adorable Italian cat trying to face a new life on two legs.

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    The Long-Distance Love Story Starring Two Neighbor Cats

    Product - Follow mac @kenziecoffman My cat Simon is in LOVE with my neighbor's cat and waits all day for him. Will keep y'all updated WHAT IS YOur CATS NAME? LOVE, SIMON 5:02 PM - 22 Apr 2019

    Simon and Theo live across from each other, and their owners noticed that from a distance, they seem like they might get on. So they decided to step in and help these two furry lovers by posting romantic notes on their windows. And guess what? it worked!  

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    Frankenkitten, The Cat Born With Four Ears, Finds Furever Loving Home


    Meet the cutest "Frankenstein" you'll ever see --Frankenkitten! Frankenkitten had a rough start, a stray out in the streets and born with special needs. After homeowners noticed the kitten, along with his sibling, they surrendered the two to the Geelong Animal Welfare Society in Victoria, Australia. Immediately upon arrival, Frankenstein was causing quite the buzz throughout the shelter -- a cat born with four ears and one normal eye. 

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    The Stray Cat Who Demanded Attention During a Live News Broadcast

    This reporter just couldn't stop laughing and so did we when we watched this adorable video shared by reporter Artur Lira of TV Paraiba in Brazil. 

    Lira was filming a news segment outside a local police station when a cat appeared at his feet, demanding both his and the camera's attention. When he looked down, he saw a black-and-white cat looking up at him imploringly. Lira couldn't help but laugh at the unexpected interruption. 

    However, when Lira moved behind a truck to start filming again, the cat was one step ahead of them: "The cat climbed into one of the vehicles and stood in front of me," Lira said. "That was when I couldn't stand it and started laughing." "He was so cute, you can't feel angry," Lira wrote on his post. "I think this cat wanted to be famous." 

    Lira decided to share this cute story with the world and people can't get enough of it.

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    The Cat Who Stopped Toddler From Dangerous Plummeting Staircase

    We hear about dogs saving people's lives all the time, but what about cats? Can cats be 'heroic'? With this video uploaded to Facebook, the answer to that question is a definite yes. DLore Álvarez, from Bogota, Colombia, shared an incredible video on Facebook, of her cat rescuing her son. The cat named Gatubela stopping her little boy, Samuel, from heading towards the dangerous staircase. Samuel, one-years-old, was crawling towards the staircase, as seen in the security footage uploaded to Facebook, when Gatubela quickly jumps into action. Gatubela inserts itself between the toddler and the dangerously steep fall of approximately 12 steps. We are in complete awe and now know that yes, cat's can definitely be defined as "heroes."

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    The Stray Cat Who Becomes First Feline Lawyer

    Cat - GAB LEON

    Leon, a handsome stray cat in Brazil, was out in a storm and decided to seek shelter at the OAB building (which is equivalent to the American Bar Association). Little did Leon know his life was about to change forever... because he officially became employed! This isn't the first time we're seeing cats being officially employed, but this is the first feline lawyer we've heard about! 

    Congrats Leon!

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    Truffles, The Cat Who Shows Kids That Eye Glasses Are Cool


    Danielle Crull is an optometrist at a children's eye care center, A Child's Eyes. Every day, she treats kids who struggle when they are told they need to start wearing glasses or patches so Danielle came up with a brilliant idea. 

    Two years ago, Danielle rescued Truffles from a local shelter and began teaching her some fun tricks. Unlike many cats, Truffles was all about putting on a show for Danielle if it meant she got a treat in the end. Soon, the cat was high-fiving, fist-bumping, and shaking hands with the best of them. 

    After seeing how great Truffles was at learning new tricks, Danielle thought she may be able to get the cat to wear glasses. To her total shock, Truffles was all about them! So, she was officially hired at A Child's Eyes to help kids get comfortable and excited about their new eyewear.

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    The Momma Cat Who Adopted a Puppy Into Her Litter

    Cat - ca pill

    Motherhood just comes naturally to some! Meet Jada, a British shorthair cat living in Brookfield, Connecticut. Jada is one of those born-to-be mothers as she also adopted a newborn Chihuahua, named Lazarus, into her litter. 

    Lazarus originally had quite a troublesome entry into the world for the puppy. Lazarus's birth mother underwent a C-section, and since she wasn't awake for the procedure, she didn't develop mothering instincts, not producing milk and effectively abandoning newborn Lazarus. "We had a puppy with no mother and no milk". When it came down to saving this pup's life, Eisen decided to test the formulas for both kittens and puppies, and compared the two milks and came to the conclusion that the milks shared enough similarities. Thus leading to having Jada nurse Lazarus. Eisen introduced Lazarus to Jada, who had recently birthed a litter of kittens, of which she lost one. It was the moment when Eisen saw Jada cleaning Lazarus, as she would one of her own, that Eisen knew Lazarus has been fully accepted. And to make the moment even sweeter, Eisen says Lazarus has also been accepted by the rest of the kittens!

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