I Can Has Cheezburger?

Woman Builds Catio Of Her Dreams (34 Pics)

  • 1

    "MotorBoat is watching over the kingdom. It's still a work in progress but here are a bunch of photos of the Pussy Palace Redux."

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  • 2

    "My 3 handsome fellows (ignore the green on the side of my house. It will be washed soon)"

  • 3

    "2012 the original Pussy Palace, it was really nice for a while but the way the fence was set up created too much shade and little did I know that by putting the pallets directly on the ground I was opening up a free termite buffet right next to my house"

    Wood - Pussy PANGE
  • 4

    "The original size was approximately 9'x16', the top panels were just low enough to annoy all living crap out of me, plus there wasn't really anywhere for me to hang out."

    Roof - AUSSIE ISLA
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  • 5

    "Nommers sunning his junk in the original catio, this was after the termite incident so it was a boring ugly place and needed to go."

  • 6

    "During the build he watched with curious eyes"

    Cat - 240 PCS BOR 452
  • 7

    "Thanks to hurricane Florence I was able to tear down my super old dying fence for a new one. You can see the bones of the original catio"

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  • 8

    "the new privacy fence is so much nicer - The kitties were so confused and excited the first time out but it's starting to look less like a pile of trash."

  • 9

    "I re did the original sign. Although I opted not to put the little kitty on it out of laziness....or I was just tired"

  • 10

    "I think the sign came out nicely considering my paint brush wasn't sufficient and made it a bit frustrating but I think it gave it a nice charm to not be so fancy"

    Tree - Maini Palati RUTESE LYou DO NOI talk about Pussy Palace If a cal sifs en Pou IT Cuns You SIf Rs.keep doing what Youne daifig You accept all liability of being a chew Toy, scratcHing posT, or Couch Purryeris Only 6The Cats are not hunglhy neither is the Toommate 7THE Cafel are as clever as They are lazY DO NOT KEave The ৩e ore) 8 Twe mer entTer One man leaves
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  • 11

    "I had a bunch of leftover poles from a previous project. I tried to utilize them but wound up scrapping the idea (I'm no builder so I make mistakes), Nommers is giving it a test run. My buddy was a great help with this project."

  • 12

    "The new area is approximately 20'x20', my cost of materials for the basics wasn't too bad. Kennel fencing used $100, Deer netting $50, then just random crap like screws and some wood maybe another $50"

  • 13

    "Randy and Nommers beat each other up while I tore apart pallets and figured out what to build with them."

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  • 14

    "a friend of mine gave me a plant, I put it out of kitty reach in case it's hazardous. We'll see if I don't accidentally kill it with my brown thumb."

    Tree - EEE
  • 15

    "I had to add some lights, they make it so pretty at night! Look at my tiny lonely paver stone area. I've added more now but still need to level them better."

  • 16

    "another angle"

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  • 17

    "Nommers is a shoulder cat and loves being up high. I woke him from his nap to bring him out and show him the new platform."

  • 18

    "He gave it a thorough inspection"

  • 19

    "built some cool shelves, they seem to meet approval."

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  • 20

    "You know it's true love when your boyfriend helps you build your crazy ideas"

  • 21
  • 22


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  • 23

    "There's so much more I want to do but it's one heck of a start! Added bonus, my kitchen door opens right into it now."

  • 24

    "We have lots of birds of prey, foxes, opossums and whatnot in my neighborhood. gotta keep them safe. I used heavy plastic deer netting on the top."

  • 25

    "Randy is the most loveable kitty ever, but he's also the most scared. It took him a little longer to come see the new structures and not freak out but now he's a giant purrbot."

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  • 26

    "He just takes longer"

  • 27

    "MotorBoat UnderFoot Masterson CreamCycle Jr. He is majestically confused."

  • 28

    "The one on the left is "big boned" the one on the right is just fat (pics don't do that giant furry bowling ball any justice)."

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  • 29

    "He's almost fully charged"

  • 30

    "At night Randy sleeps upright purring. I can only hope he's dreaming of hanging out on the other side of that door."

  • 31

    My roommate painted a totem with the likenesses of the kitties and me on each side."

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  • 32

    "full name is Meowcho Man Randy Savage"

  • 33

    "He heard leaves dropping from the trees at night and kept staring. Full name is Mr. Omnommerson MonkeyButt ZombieFace Esquire III (I should never be allowed to name pets)"

  • 34

    "I'm pretty sure he shot a paranormal apparition out of his butthole"

    Architecture - iiiiii


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