Girlfriend has Boyfriend Try the Spicy Positions She Does with Him in Bed and He Can't Do Them At All


Relationships are all about give and take, you're giving each other 100% as well as giving yourself 100%—that especially goes for the adventures in the bedroom. 


Naomi and Alex are a happy couple on TikTok. They share the account and post videos expressing how much they are into each other—it's really quite sweet. Recently, they posted a video that is going viral where Alex tries out some of the spicy positions Naomi does while they're getting hot and heavy in bed. The video is hilarious seeing how much fun they're having and how much of a struggle it is for Alex. 


Part 1


The best part, however, is that yes, the video is funny, but it's also vindicating for women. You can see it Alex's eyes that maybe he should make sure she's good and limbered up and cared for pre-sexy workout so she can comfortably do the bending that he can't even get close to accomplishing. 


Tons of women watching the video are commenting how they are 100% going to make their partner do the same. “Now try it on a bed where it’s bouncy,” a woman commented. “Gave up the squat after three bounces , thats our new limit,” another posted. “When we say we're not in the mood, it means we don't feel like doing gymnastics,” another person commented. One woman said, “Not so easy.. is it now?!” and that comment got almost 4k likes! It's obvious that mean are under-appreciating how bendy us ladies can be in bed. 


Part 2


Other women comment more positions they want him to try out, asking for this to become a series. One woman suggest Alex try “the side by side but magically able to turn your head back all the way and kiss at the same time” position. “Oh what about the hands behind the back when on all fours??? - direct face plant into mattress,” another suggest. 


Some viewers are even call for this to start up as a trend on TikTok for partners to start doing so they can see just how much work they're putting in. It really is a lot of bending, folding, and stretching and it's not easy. Women are feeling seen and appreciated with this video and can't wait to try it out on their partners themselves. It's also just nice to see how fun this couple has while doing this little experiment. 


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