Turns Out Some People Are Easily Fooled by The "Onion" Headlines

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    Event - Sunday at 3:11 PM · : Is this the most unbelievable thing that you ever heard of, or what? It's very telling of how sick this country has become. wGENCE RING WITH P BILL TAYLOR WATERFORD WHISPERS NEWS 1 MIN READ Beyoncé Set To Perform At Trump Impeachment Halftime Show
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    Product - BABYLONBEE.COM New Smart Doorbell Will Argue With Jehovah's Witnesses, LDS Missionaries For You 2 Shares 3 Comments O Like Comment Share Ok, I wanna know how you "detect" a Jehovah's witness??? |Exactly! Smell? Visual ID of suits? Maybe.. See More
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    Horse - theonion Cow In Really Great Shape This is a fuckin horse dude 1 like Reply sm
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    Door - Dripping Wet 7-Year-Old Gets On Hotel Elevator UVATOR 22312 4,009 39 Replying to @TheOnion What in the hell is this article about? Who cares? Why is this important and why did you waste your time and ours putting this on Twitter?
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    Motor vehicle - •0000 T-Mobile ? 2:08 PM 89% Saturday at 8:29 PM · Edited - A Why, America? Just why? Are DVD players and cameras more important than human life? Why do we desire earthly possessions more than each other? Will there ever come a day when America will be more than a blood- thirsty nation? Please America. Look up and see the hurt and lost and remember that 9/11 was a terroist attack. But this. .. this was us. My heart goes out to those grieving. Praying for y'all. 42 Million Dead In
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    Website - The Onion @TheOnion - 1h NASA Announces Plans To Launch Chimpanzee Into Sun NASA t7 329 1.8K 89 Replying to @TheOnion This can't be true???? They are going to kill this animal. Right? They just announced they're going to kill this animal and study the effects before he dies. That's what I just read, right? Cause this chimps gonna die!!!
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    Text - The Onion O @TheOnion FBI Uncovers AI-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States قصاخلا قدارشلا أطوتحت ادس فين ري مردتال برغلا ح امرسلاون ألا رظت ن 10:04 AM 7/25/19 SocialFlow 213 Retweets 634 Likes Replying to @TheOnion Whatever. It won't be the United States'll be your biased reporting.
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    Text - The Onion O @TheOnion 5h God Admits He Rarely Forgives IYHFV9B 27430 32 2,564 Replying to @TheOnion bull crap news!!
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    Motor vehicle - Driver Kind Of Bummed To See Other Car He Been Driving Behind For A While Take Exit Off Highway and 63,541 others theonion Visit link in bio for full story. View all 741 comments This is stupid there is no full story and this isnt newsworthy
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    Water - shared The Onion's photo. 30 mins · And this is why I refuse to go to sea world The Onion Yesterday at 4:35pm · SeaWorld Employees Place Orcas In Plastic Bags Of Water While Cleaning Tanks
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    Text - The Onion @TheOnion · 6m Luke, Owen Wilson Recall Meeting On Set Of 'The Royal Tenenbaums' 27 84 624 Replying to @TheOnion But they are brothers, they know each other 8:50 AM Sep 20, 2019 · Twitter Web App
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    Text - | shared a link. THEONION.COM TSA Agents To Now Simply Stand At Checkpoints And Remind Passengers That We All Die Someday 1 comment O Like A Share Comment What? Why are we continuing to pay these people? We will all die someday... nobody told me! Guess I need to fly somewhere so I can be in the information loop! Absolutely ridiculous!
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    Text - @TheOnion · Sep 11, 2018 The Onion Chris Pratt was paid around $10 million more than this female extra for doing Jurassic World because he's a man. max @maxwdr_ Honestly if I was a male extra and Chris Pratt was paid $10 million more than me, I wouldn't complain at all. He's the star of the movie M 2:47 PM - Mar 25, 2019

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