Designated Driver Asks Friends for Dinner in Exchange for Services, Gets Called an A-Hole


“AITA for having a designated driver ‘tax?’” –u/twizabeth

The comment section

Redditors in the comments largely agreed that OP was not the a-hole.

“You’re probably cheaper than an Uber & any women in your group may potentially feel more comfortable, so NTA.” said u/Frosty-Mall4727.

u/B00k_wyrm_ added, “As a woman… I had an Uber driver in NYC pull over into an alley at 2am and just stare for a period that seemed like forever. As I was contemplating whether to jump out and run for my life (because this guy was super creepy) he drove off and dropped me at my destination. I would TOTALLY buy someone drinks all night if it meant I had a trustworthy, reliable driver that would show up (or be there already) and get me home.”

OP revealed that she'd actually been a professional driver at one point, “I did Uber for awhile. I actually enjoyed closing time, especially if I got other women. They seemed to feel safer with me.”

“I always felt safer when I got uber rides from women.” replied u/depressedcatburrito, “If I had someone who just wanted a meal and some soda to make sure I got home safe I would buy them whatever they wanted to eat.”

“My parents always did this when I was old enough to drink and just wasn’t feeling it. Always paid me in food!” said u/Fluffy-Release6637.

u/Alternative-Bet232 replied, “My parents made me to pick my brother up from parties (he drinks, i don’t / never have). Worked for everyone!”

“They are lovely and totally don't expect it all the time!" OP replied, “If they did I would be less willing to do it. This person is new to the group.”

“You're so NTA.” u/Due-Compote375 added, “One of my best friends doesn't drink, and it's just basic knowledge that we cover her if she's our DD. We cover her food if we eat, and we keep her supplied with sprites.”

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