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The Final Starter Evolutions for Pokémon Sun and Moon Are Here Along With Others

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    The 3 Final Evolutions

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    The final evolution of Rowlett, a Ghost and Grass type. Why ghost? We're down with Ghost types, so we aren't complaining, but there are questions raised with this one.
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    Much to the relief of many, the previously leaked Incineroar is not another iteration in the list of Fire/Fighting type starters. As today it was confirmed to be Fire and Dark type. We still wish he had stayed on four legs.
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    Considering they were trying to make a clown seal this could have turned out much worse, still not sure how we feel about this Water/Fairy type.
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    The Guardians of Alola

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    In addition to the starters, the rest of the guardians were revealed this morning too.
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    Tapu Lele

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    Tapu Bubu

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    Tapu Fini

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    Persian - Alola Form

    Cheezburger Image 8985910016
    We're excited about this dark type Persian variant. Even if it does look like it recently got its wisdom teeth removed.
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    This little psychic type was the last Pokemon to be revealed today. We're a fan, but having him as a ghost type might have made more sense.
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    The Legends: Red and Blue

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    The last detail of the video revealed that throughout the game you'll team up with other famous trainers from the series (hype!). This includes the legendary Red and Blue.


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