Top Ten Memes Of The Day (April 26, 2020)

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    Logo - A minute normally A minute during a plank
  • 3
    Cartoon - Gun owners when they hear someone breaking into there house at 1am
  • 4
    Sky - 5G tower: cause Covid-19 69G tower: made with mematic
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    Cartoon - 6h I named my WiFi “5G TOWER (200% POWER)" and the Facebook forum associated with my town has been trying to locate it for like a week now. That's the evilest thing I canimagine.
  • 6
    Album cover - Me: the perfect movie doesn't exis- YOU KNOW THE RULES - AND SO DOES HE. NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP THS FLMB MOT YET RATED COLUMD HetuRcS pes-zo0eoji. LLDad Unitud ArtistS Forperition. aUANTUH OF SCLACE DOr and rlatea Sam eind Traosmart. uny radamarorojas. LEEt. Riytit Raus u. non scVFCTORESoIGITAL INC ALL RIGETE RESERED by Nac
  • 7
    Text - HIGH FIVE 50% less bacteria than a handshake FIST BUMP 90% less bacteria than a handshake Sweep the leg 100% less bacteria than a handshake
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  • 8
    Face - what kim jong un saw before the sedatíves kicked in
  • 9
    Text - Due to less pollution we can now see the 'x' on the mobile game ads
  • 10
    Human - When you're waiting for the life guard to give you the green light to go down the slide


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