People Who Upcycled Items Into Brand New Things

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    "I really wanted to buy some beautiful porcelain handles for the ugly old pine drawers I’m upcycling, but I’m a bit low on cash at the moment, so I’ve had a go at painting the wooden ones instead!"

    Easter egg
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    "My mum gave me an old pair of jeans for me to use so I sewed it into a dress with a sweetheart neckline and a lace up back (also pockets because duh)."

    Clothing - वाम्
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    "Today I was upcycling a old jeans and fabricscrabs I still had."

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    "Boho cube seat/storage upcycle."

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    "Fairy Dress out of Thermal Bubblewrap"

    White - Roneh Thomvather
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    "I upcycled an old handbag into shoes for my toddler."

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    The Aftermath Of Experimenting With Cutlery

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    Bird made from old CDs

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    "Upcycled a broken cable spool from work into a climbing toy for our new kitten."

    Cat - Station TOWER ורה
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    "Turned a vintage 1972 Monopoly set into a handbag for my wife."

    Art - OLT 1100 MON TAR GO FREE 20 ARONG 000
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    "Re-upholstery of a chair using used jeans."

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    "I made some lamps out of empty gas tanks and fire-extinguishers"



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