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Aim-Botting Is Rampant in Overwatch and is Silently Killing the Game

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    The Video

    Unfortunately this is extremely hard to detect, and will continue to fester within Overwatch for some time. It's unlikely Blizzard will ever be able to remove it. Unfortunately in game it's impossible to tell between a really skilled player and a bot-er in game.
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    As the video above describes, if Mccree aims anywhere within this highlighted area, the aim-bot will drag his cursor closer towards an intended enemy.
    This is similar to the aim assist in console games used to help peasants aim with their inferior controllers.
    In other words aim-Botters are those that have made a conscious choice to be a peasant.

    It's like having a permanent Soldier ult.

    We have a nice mixture of serious explanations and sarcastic comments below:
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