Man With Fear of Any Liquid Besides Water or Milk Tries a Multitude of Drinks for the First Time, His Genuine Reactions Wow the Internet


We all have irrational fears. Some might just be a little less rational that others. Didn't we all have a phase of our lives where we genuinely felt that we might come into contact with quicksand one day? Yeah, we all had the same childhood, didn't we? The only thing that differentiates a rational fear from an irrational one is how likely it is that that event we so fear will eventually take place. When no actual threat exists, well, it means we created our own worry, yay. Isn't it awesome how much we can mess with our own minds?


Well, on TikTok there is a man who is openly afraid of any drinks besides water and milk, and he shared a video of himself trying other drinks for the first time. Are you intrigued? Perfect, let's get into it.


First Time Trying Drinks Other Than Water and Milk


Yeah, those were some pretty strong reactions, but on some level, we could understand them. If you're somebody who has never drank soda before, the sensation would probably be pretty jarring and uncomfortable. Some people were skeptical in the comments, especially since the content creator @doodledoodledavey added a #funny in the caption. But he made sure to add a clarifying comment under the video.


Doodledooledavey's Comment

He wrote: For those of you who are wondering, this is 100% genuine. I’ve had a fear of drinking anything other than water my entire life.


So it's not that he hasn't tried anything out of distaste, he is genuinely afraid of other drinks.


Let's take a look at some other noteworthy comments and recommendations for Davey to try:


Mc Donald’s Sprite please try it

This is kinda how I imagine a Victorian child would handle these drinks lol

Give him whiskey😂


I feel like carbonation on the first go around was a crazy choice😂

DAVEY you are being very brave & adventurous in this beverage adventure

trusting the algorithm to bring me back when she gives him alcohol

I feel like we should have started with watered down apple juice



In response to all of the comments demanding to see more, Davey definitely delivered.


Trying Vodka


McDonalds' Sprite


We don't know about you guys, but we are here for this beverage journey. Go Davey go!


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