Dating Nightmares: Naughtiest Office Holiday Hook Up Stories

  • Sex in the photo booth

    Snapshot - VOTRE PHOTO 3 POSES EN 3 MINUTES POUR Pos formidoble DIFFERENTES nent 1 FR

    My husband's company had a photo booth at their annual holiday party when we had one of our sexy holiday hookups. After a few cocktails, we made our way into the booth to take some pictures. I was sitting on his lap and he started to get a little frisky. I pulled up my dress, unzipped his pants, and we had sex in the photo booth while the entire company was right on the other side of the curtain

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  • Sex on the pool table

    Indoor games and sports - CCK

    I had been crushing on a guy that I worked with for quite some time, and when our company holiday party rolled around the chemistry between us was becoming increasingly obvious. After our secret Santa exchange, a few cocktails, and a potluck all the employees retired to our company's fabulous game room. As the other late stragglers were leaving the party my crush and I were the only ones left flirtatiously battling it out for the top score on Dance Dance Revolution. Before I knew it, we were having sex on the couch and he even had me bent over the pool table at one point. Fast forward five years and we are married with two kids, but no one ever found out about our Christmas party sexy time.

  • Sex in the bathroom stall

    Vehicle - And next thing I know, wetre having sex in the bathroom.

    I work for a rather large company that throws quite the soiree every December for employees and clients from all over the tri-state area. My boyfriend of four years had recently broken up with me, so you could say I was on somewhat of a sexual rampage. While at the party I met a man named Dave, who was much younger than myself and quite possibly the hottest man I have ever seen in person.  After a few hours of alcohol-fueled banter and flirtation, Dave whispered in my ear that he would love to go down on me later. Since patience isn't my strong suit and didn't want to blow this fantastic opportunity, I pulled Dave into a bathroom on the other side of the venue's lobby. I sat on a closed toilet seat while he pleasured me and himself simultaneously. We didn't speak after that, but three months later I was told an admin would be transferred from another branch to join our team. That admin was David. Neither of us ever mentioned our little bathroom adventure, and his employment (thankfully) didn't last long.

  • Sex with your husband's coworker's wife


    My husband has always been supportive of my 'sexually adventurous' side. At his company's holiday party I hit it off with a gorgeous woman — Lisa*– who happened to be the wife of one of my husband's equally open-minded colleagues. She and I sat next to each other during the dinner portion, and as we grew increasingly flirtatious we began caressing one another between our legs under the table. The couple ended up coming home with us, and Lisa and I hooked up in my bedroom while our husbands played Nintendo.

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  • Sex on the copy machine


    I had been secretly dating my coworker Greg* for several months when our office Christmas party was upon us. Everyone finished work early one Friday afternoon to begin our potluck Christmas party. I had to go down to the basement to make some copies for a game that we were going to play, and Greg offered to 'help.' One thing lead to another, and Greg and I started having sex on top of the copy machine. We must have gotten a little carried away because he thrust so hard that the machine ended up breaking. We ran back upstairs before anyone noticed what happened and never claimed responsibility. Because of our little 'incident', everyone now needs a key card to enter the copy room.

  • Sex in the car (with the HR director's son)


    A few hours and several cocktails into my company's holiday party met a charming young man who I didn't recognize (our company has 500+ people). By the end of the party, he and I were sloppily making out on the dance floor. My work bestie finally had to pull us apart so we would stop embarrassing ourselves in front of the executives. Still incredibly horny, we headed to the parking lot to have sex in his car. We were at it for about 20 minutes when someone began banging on the window. It was the HR director. Turns out my little holiday party hookup buddy was of the new interns…and also the HR director's son. They had driven to the party together, and she was ready to go home. Several days later I had the most awkward end of year review of my entire life.

  • Vibrator fun while on stage accepting an award.

    Face - This damn vibrator. TLC

    My boyfriend recently purchased a small vibrator in which I could carry around inside me and he can control from his smartphone. It was a big turn on for both of us when he would randomly switch it on and pleasure me while out in public.  I was given an award at my company's holiday party and had to go on stage to accept it. Just as I was accepting the award and shaking the CEO's hand, I felt the vibration inside me. I was literally standing in front of the entire company getting pleasure, and no one had any idea. I looked down at my boyfriend and it was fun to have a naughty little secret.

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  • Sex in your ex's bed

    Face - THAT WAS KARMA.

    My boyfriend and I broke up a few weeks before my company's holiday party. Though we were no longer together I agreed to sleep at his place while he was away to take care of his dog the night of the party (clearly, I loved that dog). When I went to feed the dog before the party I naturally did some snooping around his apartment and discovered text messages with another woman that dated back far before our break up. He was clearly cheating on me for months. I went to the party and started shamelessly flirting with the smoking hot bartender at the venue. After the party, I accompanied him to another bar, and I invited him to come home with me. Unbeknownst to my sexy bartender, I took him back to my ex's apartment and we had copious amounts of sex in my ex's bed. Checkmate.

  • Sex in the cloackroom

    Event - ABC IA CLINIQUE Oh, dont stop! Oh! Oh! Don't stop!

    The sexual tension between me and one of my coworkers was already simmering all year, but things came to a boil at our company's Christmas party. To my dismay, he told me he had to leave early to attend another party across town. After a few drinks, I gained some liquid courage, and when he went to the coatroom to retrieve his jacket I followed behind him. I pushed him against the wall, and we began aggressively making out. A few minutes later I took him behind a rack of coats and gave him oral. He ended up skipping his other party that night to come home with me. Gotta love those holiday party hookups.


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