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The Force Is Strong With These 39 Prequel Memes

  • 1
    Footwear - Order 66 be like: Skyguy
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  • 2
    Text - i Count Count Dooku Dooku (A Few Moments Later)
  • 3
    Forehead - But sir, is that canon? I ill make it canon
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  • 5
    Crescent - Breathtaking visuals Badass action Awkward dialogue Lore and worldbuilding ADAMTOTS The Prequel Trilogy
  • 6
    Human - What people who eat at fast food restaurants on commercials look like: What people who actually eat at fast food restaurants look like:
  • 7
    Leather - When your friend is choking but you don't know CPR, so you dial 911 instead. Patience my blue friend
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  • 8
    Fictional character - "Meesa can bringa yousa in warm or meesa can bringa yousa in BIIIIIIG DOODOO." - The Gungalorian
  • 9
    Motor vehicle - Roger roger Meep moorp Vroom vroom They are no match for droidy cars
  • 10
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  • 11
    Fictional character - You're shorter than I expected Because of Obi-Wan?
  • 12
    Sleeve - Wait, Star Wars is better as a TV series? THE MANDALORIAN Always has been. STAR WARS REBELS CLONE WARS THE MANDALORIAN
  • 13
    Human - What Disney thinks I'm paying them for: DISNEY+ to What I'm really paying for: STAR STAR WARS REBELS THE CLONE WARS
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  • 14
    Face - Thank You For Being Especially You Such An Amazing Character
  • 15
    Nose - i TWISTEDSIFTER.COM The Queen Wore a 'Green Screen' Outfit and the Internet Went to Town Unlimited power
  • 16
    Personal protective equipment - When your friends are getting killed by the Chosen One, but you'd rather go out on your own terms..
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  • 17
    Sleeve - older me unable to go to sleep before 2 young me thinking its cool to stay up late
  • 18
    Head - First graders: rain rain go away come again another day *Another day* First graders: rain rain go away- Rain: Hold on. This whole operation was your idea. First graders: I HAVE ALTERED THE DEAL PRAY I DON'T ALTER IT ANY FURTHER
  • 19
    Facial hair - When all you wanted to do was to repair your ship but you end up starting an intergalactic war that leads to a total dictatorship of the galaxy and a rebellion that lasts for 35 years
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  • 20
    Finger - The Expanded Universe Let me go, let me die Dave Filoni
  • 21
    Sleeve - Mace Windu Axe Windu Machete Windu |Unarmed Windu Out the Windu made with mematic
  • 22
    Nose - Prequel fans Mando fans Did you ever hear "The Tragedy... No spoilers, thank you. (proceeds to leave)
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  • 23
    Lip - Rey: Don't worry, your lightsabers will be safe in the sand Anakin's Force Ghost: The WHAT
  • 24
    Head - EYES Why Madam Hooch Had YELLOW Eyes - Harry Potter Theory I think Madam Hooch is a sith lord
  • 25
    Head - When your gf's dad likes Star Wars Hello there! General Kenobi Don't pull out tonight.
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  • 26
    Leather - ME lol Hello there BESTIE | Неуууу Obi wan Hello there heyyyy Obi wan
  • 27
    Human - Oh, uh... Hello there, Cody! 'Long time no see. General Kenobi! I missed you. solid snark That's very sweet. I miss you too, buddy. No, back on Utapau. After Order 66 was executed and we took a shot at you. I missed you.
  • 28
    Human - Nerra! Nerra! Sir, what is that she keeps calling us? "Nerra" it means "brother". It's enough to make a grown man cry, and that's ok
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  • 29
    Purple - Yo wanna play some fortnite I don't play fortnite sorry Bruhhhhhhhhhhh you got the mandolorian picture thooooo You know I could just be a fan of the show right? LMAO You serious Star Wars nerd Crush them! Make them suffer.
  • 30
    Chin - Elon Musk Developing a Brain Chip to Stream Music in Your Head Elon musk 1 year later: Excute order 66
  • 31
    Jaw - It's Anakin's lightsaber!!I! Lets just call it the Skywalker lightsaber REYS LIGHTSABER Slave 1 And the green one is Boba's Blue one is Jango's
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  • 32
    Line - Adorable Badass Sassy
  • 33
  • 34
    Cartoon - Disney Abounty hunter show set after ROTJ Clone Wars characters Dave Filoni ---
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  • 35
    Geological phenomenon - Everyone talking about the droid attack on the Wookiees but nobody remembers the droid attack on the rookies
  • 36
  • 37
    Face - DISNEY: banishes 95% of the universe to Legends Dave using Legends to write new canon: 7 An Is your history worth so little to you?
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  • 38
    Head - What is to happen with II. the girl? Make her a princess What abouttho boy? Send him to ihe Ranch!
  • 39
    Product - You may be old, but are you this old?


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