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Star Wars Prequel Memes That'll Make A Fine Addition To Your Collection

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    Fictional character - Hello there Hello there All: Hello there
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    Fictional character - Tyson Gay lost to Usain Bolt in a 100 m sprint because Bolt ran straighter than him Tyson Gay: Usain Bolt: CUROSPORT LOSS OFFORCE ΣΣΣΣ BEST USE OFFORCE DSD It is only natural.
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    Text - When you're flying in an LAAT gunship and you see the main charaters flying beside you We're all gonna die!
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    Motor vehicle - *friend is over* Me: wanna watch ROTS? friend: sure me: okay let me put it in the DVD player Friend: why was it taken out? me: for clone wars dvds friend: IT IS. ACCEPTABLE. (XXX XXX
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    Human - Ewan McGregor: does anything SW Fanbase A perfect male specimen.
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    Cartoon - Rey and Padmé when they see a mentally unstable mass-murderer dressed in black
  • 7
    Text - News: Cops are looking for a man who stole 6 orange cats, built a fighting ring and put lasagna in the middle to determine who is the real Garfield We will watch your career with great interest.
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    Photo caption - Into exile, I must go... Child support, I must evade.
  • 9
    Photo caption - Hello there How's your girlfriend? Hello there How's your girlfreind FOO you man
  • 10
    Organism - Here is some evil in good Here is some good in evil Here is neutral Of course we have Obi-Wan Kenobi AND THEN THIS MI
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    Text - STAR Like his fellow council member, Master Plo Koon, Grandmaster Yoda saw how each clone was different and unique. Unlike Master Plo Koon, Yoda didn't give as about them.
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    Text - iTs so cooL rEy hAs tHe FİRST YeLIOw LIGHTSABE. Listen here you little s!
  • 13
    Adventure game - Who are you? Pm Rey Rey who? GUNREY
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    Fictional character - Count Dooku... My powers are singular Count, as this is our first meeting. Not as much pride, not as big of a fall.
  • 15
    Cartoon - star wars lore Twi'lek What is my purpose? slave or prostitute Oh my god.
  • 16
    Cartoon - 212th Attack Battalion 501st Legion The Grand Army of the Republic
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    Text - Create a Gmail address taken That username is taken. Try another. Create a Gmail address another That username is taken. Try another. Hold on. This whole operation was your idea.
  • 18
    Fictional character - When you realise that most jedi are virgins: emk fotteal d Maybe I am a. jedi
  • 19
    Hairstyle - You're a slave? I'm a person and my name is Anakin. So how much do you cost Anakin?
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  • 21
    Fictional character - Bisexual people, after they have sex 2 times: I want more. And I know I shouldn't.
  • 22
    Photo caption - Kid hitting me with "OK Boomer" Me hitting him with my vehicle
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    Photo caption - Every FPS team ever @starwars explored casual tryhard vet noob
  • 24
    Interaction - gettyimages Cmgg DeGuire 105:08692 No, Anakin! No!
  • 25
    Text - When you say hello there to your friend but instead of saying general Kenobi they make R2D2 noises Its an older code sir, but it checks out
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    Photo caption - C-3PO excited to R2 who still has his memories go on his first adventure
  • 27
    Text - Whenever Anakin gets mildly irritated In the Clone Wars Dave Filoni Are we blind?! Play Imperial March.
  • 28
    Face - Guys, I think Chancellor Palaptine might be this Darth Sidious guy. They have the same chin! AUTHENTICS
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    Photography - BENS @AquaticOxymoron · 2d Gungans seem to operate under a Monarchy. As such it's reasonable to assume their senators are appointed by the current residing King or Queen. In this essay I will discuss how by appointing Jar Jar, Boss Nass is personally responsible for the downfall of the Galactic Republic. Yousa know too much
  • 30
    Product - WILL YOU PRESS THE BUTTON? You can use the force but Every time you enter a room, Darth Vader's Theme plays all the way through. Me after pressing the button
  • 31
    Fictional character - Fans when Ahsoka was first introduced Fans 12 years later
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    Text - Jesse McLaren @McJesse MANDALORIAN: I need something. RANDOM STRANGER: I can help. But first, you have to help me perform an unrelated task. MANDALORIAN: Will you try to murder me half way through it? RANDOM STRANGER: Possibly
  • 33
    Product - "I'D RATHER KILL ADULT'S THAN CHILDREN" What's wrong with this sentence? 's Then instead of than
  • 34
    Armour - Attention sir! Clone Trooper Captain Rex here. Due to the recent popularity and events in The Mandalorian people may be wanting to watch The Clone Wars if they never did so, so I would like to ask that you spoiler any Clone Wars memes that include big spoilers so as not to ruin this amazing show for the people who are just now getting into it. I thank you in advance General, now, let's go kill some Clanka's!
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    Text - *C-3PO joking about losing his head* *bobba fett 4 feet away*
  • 36
    Nose - Doctor: Are you sexually active? Jedi Council Anakin Padme in the background
  • 37
    Text - You match with a cute girl on tinder You open with "Hello there" She responds with "General Kenobi"
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    Helmet - I look the best in Mandalorian No I look the best in Mandalorian armor! AMATEURS. armor! WHAT WAS THAT, PUNK? AMATEURS.
  • 39
    Fictional character - What about Thor? offworld Captain Marvel? Unavailable the senate? Not. Yet.
  • 40
    Welding - Come back here, R2. You don't know how to fix a ship Literally R2's first day on his job:
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    Photo caption - Hey, this doesn't look like a prequel meme! Let me see your meme license! You don't need to see my meme license. You want to see the funny man say Hello There. I don't need to see your meme license. I want to see the funny man say Hello There.
  • 42
    Fictional character - RIP JEANS GUY: The now infamous "Jeans Guy" blooper in Chapter 12 of has been digitally #TheMandalorian removed. 1 You will not take him from me!
  • 43
    Text - Omid Abtahi O @AbtahiOmid T remember being 10 years old and seeing a hologram for the first time and thinking "CO0OOL!! I want to be a hologram one day!" Well, The Galaxy responded. [visible happiness]
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    Rock - everything else on tattooine Padme's ship
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