Even The Rock Wants Terry Crews to Voice 'Overwatch' Character Doomfist

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    Well, Terry Crews and Overwatch fans have been trying to get Terry to voice upcoming character Overwatch character 'Doomfist' for some time.

    Terry recently reported he had visited the game's headquarters and fans are now hopeful that their dreams will become reality.

    Well, now Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson himself has cast his own macho hat into the ring. Giving Terry Crews a muscly endorsement.
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    As if the internet and publisher Blizzard needs anymore endorsement than that?

    It is almost inevitable now that we will meme ourselves into Doomfist's voice actor becoming a reality.

    It'll make you feel so powerful it'll blow your mind right in front of your face.

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    TC in full glory.
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