Women Reveal Worst Backhanded Compliments They've Ever Received

  • 1
    Organism - Iwas told by an ex that Ihave abody of ep un star, but my face isnt goodenough
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  • 2
    Finger - You have abeautiful pregnaneyglow" The kicker? Iwasnit pregnanb-
  • 3
    People - You look good for your age PSA: Never say this to a woman. Actually, nevêr say this to ANYÖNE!
  • 4
    White - "Youre too hot to be asexual"
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  • 5
    Text - "You are too cute to be single. You must be the II сгazy one
  • 6
    Footwear - Your legs are so pretty, what happened to the rest of you?
  • 7
    Font - "You've got such a pretty face" Or Youtd be gorgeous if you just slimmed down a bit Im fat. Take it or leave it.
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  • 8
    Human - "You'd be a ten without all the piercings and modifications" Like, did i ask for your F**king opinion!
  • 9
    Text - Some a hat told me they could tell I was losing weight because my boobs were getting smaller. TF!
  • 10
    Hairstyle - Tdont ike girls with short hair, but you're pretty
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  • 11
    Fluid - You may not be the most interesting, but you get your work done and lthank you for that" My ignorant boss
  • 12
    Font - "Your hair looks nice TODAY. Why dont you do it like this all time?"
  • 13
    Hairstyle - You're cute sure, not hot by any means. But cute!
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  • 14
    Hairstyle - My sister's mother in law told me Im finally prettylike my sisters What doyou even say to that? Sorude. GU


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