Invasive Neighbor Refuses To Park Elsewhere, Gets Car Towed, Expects Compensation

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    Font - AITA for getting my neighbors car towed for blocking me in my garage and now they want me to pay for their tow fee and ticket for calling to get them towed Not the A-hole I recently bought a house that was vacant for a while and people were using it as parking. I moved in now it's clear someone lives there so people stopped parking there. Sometime last week I had to leave but couldn't because when I opened my garage door there was a car there blocking it in.
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    Font - I don't know who's car it is and I'm not going to waste my fucking time walking around knocking on doors to figure out who's it is. Also you could've parked in the grass or off to the side or something I don't know Now I found out it's someone 3 doors down because they knocked on my door demanding I pay them back because l'm the one who called to get it towed. I told they should've had their visitors park at their house and they said "no, because we've always parked here" Okay well not an
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    Organism - I kind of feel bad how much they had to pay but I shouldn't have to take time out of my day to go figure out who's car it is because they're being dicks. Also why park in front of the garage??? Literally anywhere else would've just been annoying but I could've gone on with my day 20.4k 1.0k ↑, Share
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    Font - tirv56 · 2d · Asshole Enthusiast [7] 1 Award NTA. I wonder how far the "But l've always done this" excuse would get them if they parked illegally in a city lot, or got pulled over for speeding. They parked on your property, blocked you in, they deserved to get towed. I can't believe the audacity of telling you to pay their ticket! Reply 1 2.3k 3 ...
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    Font - tiffi_333 · 2d · Asshole Aficionado [13] Nta. I had something like this happen when I was a teen. We moved into a house next to a church. The church was the salvation army church and the house was used as the salvation army thrift store before we bought it. It had a driveway to a parking lot in the back (which we turned into a nice yard instead with time). My dad ended up blocked in several times, and a couple times when he went to the store Sunday morning he blocked people in that decide
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    Rectangle - obscurityknocks • 2d • Asshole Enthusiast [7] NTA. Some people only learn by suffering consequences, and it appears you have come across one of those people. Reply 1 414 3 •..
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    Font - riseuprobot · 2d NTA "I parked my car on your property and blocked your car in, and you had the gall to have it towed! You are such a bad person!" Some days I really, really don't understand people. I've had to call for a car to be towed twice for this reason. People are jerks. Reply 1 314 3 ...
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    Font - prhamm · 2d 3 3 Awards I used to live in a neighborhood with lots of families, and I was a single person. I had one of the bigger driveways in the neighborhood, and people always parked in my driveway because "I didn't need that much space". One night, I went to go run a quick errand, and saw three cars blocking me in. I was about to go yell at my neighbors to move... until I remembered I had to be at work at 5am the next day. So I woke them up at 4:30am and sweetly asked them all to move
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    Organism - HourlyAlbert · 2d · Asshole Enthusiast [7] NTA- I would be livid if I was blocked in and you in no way should feel bad about the charges; they are in the wrong. Period. You should get a sign that warns of towing if parking illegally. Not sure what country you are in, but Etsy has them available. # Q Reply 5.0k •..
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    Font - nandaface · 2d · Partassipant [1] 65 Awards NTA. When I was in high school, I used to park in the driveway of an empty house across where my high school was. One day I came out to find my car missing. It was towed. I guess someone bought the house and didn't appreciate someone parking in their driveway. And rightfully so. I sucked it up. Saved my paychecks to pay my parents back for the tow fees, and apologized to the new house owners. The entitlement of some people is beyond me. Update:
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    Font - SecondThots2055 · 2d NTA. His tow fee is what I call a "stupid tax." It's illegal to block a driveway, whether or not the house is occupied. Since it's clear someone now lives there, parking there was just plain dumb. You're not expected to pay for anyone's dumb mistake, legally or morally. Ignore the neighbor and I hope he doesn't give you more trouble. Reply 1 106 ...
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    Font - TomokataTomokato • 2d · Colo-rectal Surgeon [44] NTA They broke the law and paid the consequences. How is that your fault? Guess how you don't get your car towed? # QReply 67 ...
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    Font - Middle_Strawberry178 · 2d NTA. OP if you did anything more than laugh in their face and slam the door you are doing it wrong. Reply 1 50 3 ...
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    Rectangle - rjm72 · 2d NTA. They were illegally on your property. Next time tow, impound, and call the cops to ticket them for trespassing! Reply 562 ...
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    Azure - Princess_Daisy_Dukes · 2d · Partassipant [3] NTA it's your private property. Reply 36 ...
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    Font - u2125mike2124· 2d NTA I would like to make sure you have some tape. So you can tape up your split sides you got laughing at that fool Q Reply 1 19 3 ...
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    Font - Chance-Contract-1290 · 2d NTA. Just because they got used to parking there while the place was unused is not an excuse. They never should have done that in the first place. O Reply 1 12 3 •..
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    Font - sassybsassy • 2d • Asshole Enthusiast [6] NTA. It is private property. You don't need a sign. Or tape. Everytime anyone that you haven't given permission to parks on your property have that bad boy towed. Eventually they'll get it. You are not responsible for others entitlement. If you pay the fine what was the point? They'll figure eh screw em what's he gonna do pay for my tow? If this happens again have em towed. If they come to your house just shut the door in their face. Or let them k
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    Font - Downtherabbithutch • 2d · Partassipant [1] If you're with a long term partner, you don't turn up at their house for sex after you've broken up because "you've always done it" lol what is this guy on? He's fortunate to have been able to use that parking space up until this point but now it's unavailable because you've literally paid for it by purchasing your property. Why would he think he's entitled to continue parking there? NTA Reply 4 61 ... +
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    Font - ladyithis • 2d NTA I had purchased an extra parking space when I lived in my old townhome. Even though the HOA painted "Reserved" on it, for the 10 years I lived there, people still parked there and I had to have countless cars towed. Only one neighbor threatened to sue me, but I never felt bad for towing someone out of a parking spot I owned, especially when there were several free visitor parking spots available. Q Reply 1 11 3 +
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    Font - darklinghate · 2d NTA Inform them to find a new place to park and put a no trespassing signs up if you gave to. Keep calling tow trucks until people learn someone lives there and owns the property. They choose to park somewhere illegally. If they park there again, and they will, call again and have them billed along w filing a police report on them for trespassing and illegal parking. Those fines are on them. They parked in someone else's driveway. They knew better. Don't pay your neighbo
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    Font - Material property - QueenLysippe • 2d NTA Maybe it's because l'm a city dweller and parking is sacred, but I will have ANYONE towed who is impeding my ability to park in my spot/property or get out of it. I've done it more times than I can count and I feel NO remorse. I've been in your exact position. We bought our house after it had been vacant for a year. Neighbors had used it as parking during that time. Fine, I get it. They realized it was occupied and stopped. Cool. But once or twice
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    Font - Clarisse1984 ·• 2d • Partassipant [1] NTA Why don't they go demand a judge make you pay? See what their opinion is. This is as insane as the story of that burglar in Liar Liar who sued the owner of the house he got injured breaking into. When you do something illegal, you don't blame the victim. You don't demand compensation for the consequences you suffer. You didn't make them park on your property. Not your problem. You do the crime, you do the time (or the fee, in this case). You want
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    Font - Font - AceHexuall · 2d First, NTA. I've had this problem before, on Christmas Eve a few years back. Unlike most people in our neighborhood, we have 2 cars and a 2 car garage that we actually use to park cars in. We don't often have guests, so our driveway is almost always empty, and the garage door is closed. Apparently one of our neighbors had a party, and filled up most of the street with cars, so a couple of their guests decided to park in our driveway, blocking both bays of the garage
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    Font - tsaltamachia • 2d Definitely NTA. Shocked your neighbors had the stones to approach you demanding to be paid back at all. Had a somewhat similar situation when I worked at an AT@T store in the same shopping center with the only decent restaurant in town. It was iPhone launch day, Friday night, 8:30 pm, just did got off a 12 hour shift to find some idiot had blocked me in my parking spot. Literally, he just decided to make his own spot. So rather than checking the 10 different businesses i
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    Font - toobasic2care · 2d NTA, I used to live in an apartment complex of 6 flats with covered parking and if anyone parked in the driveway it blocked EVERYONE in. This Ute constantly parked there. My main concern was - what if there was an emergency? It can be really dangerous to block people off from personal transport like that. I bought one of those glass pens and wrote on the entirety of his windshield "STOP PARKING HERE OR I WILL TOW YOU" he never parked there again. Reply ...


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