People Expose Their Shortest Relationships

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    Font - Posted by u/MartinShkreliIsACunt 5 years ago 120 What is the shortest relationship you have ever had? I just had a very interesting month. I started talking to this girl, who kind of came out of nowhere, one month and two days ago. We texted intensively everyday, talked on the phone every morning and night, went out on a few dates, she introduced me to her friends, and we even went on a trip (with her friends). We made out, had phone sex, nearly had actual sex, implied exclusivity, I invi

    Reddit user u/MartinShkreliIsACunt (interesting user btw...) asked other men what their shortest relationships were. Most seem to have taken place in grade school, but not at all. This may take you back to the awkward days, so prepare to cringe if you find yourself relating to this a little too hard. Me too girl.

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    Font - storyteller2015 5 years ago 3 Days. In 9th grade. It was fun. I touched her boobs! :) 156 Give Award Share Report Save

    Have you ever heard something that sounds more like 9th grade? He doesn't seem to hurt about the relationship ending though. Maybe it was a mutual decision. If this girl was anything like me, I could see the situation being something like: He touched my boobs already?! This is too much too fast! ABORT MISSION.

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    Font - CleanBill Male 5 years ago 7 hours. Met her one night through an acquaintance and danced till dawn. Exchanged phones then we talked for a couple of weeks. Met her for a coffee , gave me plenty of hints , kissed her and told me that she wouldn't have sex with me unless I had a formal request of asking her out. I asked her out and went back home, this was at 2am. After 5 hours of wild sex (with breaks in between and all) , I fell asleep with her laying down and rubbing my chest. When I woke
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    Cartoon - TA
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    Font - EndersR3ign 5 years ago 1 day in middle school. This bird asked me out during lunch, then dumped me the next day during lunch. In all serious, though, about a month (as an adult). Similar shit, except I dumped her because it was too intense too soon and I tripped. 3 Give Award Share Report Save
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    Font - ShrewyLouie 5 years ago In grade school I started dating a girl in first period, and by recess she told me we should just be friends. 3 Give Award Share Report Save
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    Font - Skiigga 5 years ago 16 hours in 6th grade. Coincidentally also the longest relationship I've been in 2 Give Award Share Report Save
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    Font - PM_ME_LITTLE_BREASTS Male 5 years ago One week. Was back in high school. Cute girl, but just didn't work out. 8 Give Award Share Report Save
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    Font - SwingingSalmon Male 5 years ago 3 days back in middle school.Those were the days. 1 + Give Award Share Report Save
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    Rectangle - Dajbman22 3 CROWN PRINCE OF PIZZA 5 years ago Well looking back it was only a relationship because we called it that, in reality it was just a vacation fling, but 4 days. 1 1 + Give Award Share Report Save
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    Rectangle - StabbyPants 3#guymode 5 years ago guess this counts: 8th grade, 2nd period. girl i sort of know asks to be my GF. Lunch time (a few hours later), says it's not working out. heh... 1 Give Award Share Report Save
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    Font - Hector_Ceromus Male 5 years ago 1 second. It was a joke. Literally, girl made a joke about having short relationships, so I started and stopped one back in high school. 1 1 + Give Award Share Report Save
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    Reptile - hehehehehehehehe
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    Font - DrStephenFalken Bane 5 years ago 4 hours when I was 8. I've told this story here before so I'll sum it up. There was a girl who made her way around dating every boy in the neighborhood. Well it was Thursday so I suppose it was my turn. We started "dating" about four hours later, I got into a fight with my sister about some stupid kid thing. Patty pulls me to the back of the house and says "I can't date a guy whose mean to his sister because that means you'll be mean to me." Of course bein
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    Hair - NGE "It's alright. It wasn't meant to be."
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    Font - HaroldSax Intensely Boring 5 years ago 45 minutes. We got drunk, she realized what happened randomly, and then we talked and I was so drunk that I just kinda went along with it. I actually did really like her, so it kinda sucked. Give Award Share Report Save
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    Head - 00 I love you.

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