Weird & Funny Queries From When Librarians Were Google

  • 1

    "Is it proper to go alone to Reno to get a divorce?"

    Handwriting - 20it er to to Reno to get go aline dvorce? TES 7/16/45
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  • 2
    Font - "I would like to kmow something about the physical characteristics of Adolf Hitler. I think I've found him - he walks heavier on one foot and every thing." Telephone question June 6,1947
  • 3
    Font - Variety within 5 minutes on telephone: Name of Napoleon's horse Name of a whig maker in Miami Date of opening of baseball season in N.Y. Books on human spontaneous combustion Who were the Seven Sutherland Sisters?
  • 4

    "Does the female human being belong to the mammal class?"

    Handwriting - Does the female human being belong to the mammal class?
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  • 5

    Question: What is the natural enemy of a duck?

    Handwriting - 15 Jeme 1967 Ques ton; What is the natual z du ck ? enemy of Lib: What do you meen? Q: Well, my pol aud I have waved a broom at Hhem but all Hhey do s lork at me and guack, I' thought I cald intradu ce the natuial enemy into the porl area. whole flight of Hem bauded in SAM

    Librarian: What do you mean? 

    Q: Well, a whole flight of them landed in my pool and I have waved a broom at them but all the do is look at me and quack. I thought I could introduce the natural enemy into the pool area. 


  • 6
    Font - Tel call: When did Moses first come into the public eye? N.Patteway Dec 31, 1963
  • 7
    Rectangle - What kind of an apple did Eve eat? Tilephone request NB 9.28.56
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  • 8

    "Do camels have to be licensed in India?"

    Post-it note - D. Canels have to be licen sed in India? Teleplione Mayis5, 1144
  • 9
    Rectangle - Tel. call "I am from Wilmington, North Carolime, and my daddy owns the second oldest lighthouse in the country. Where can I sell it?" NP Jan 9,1961
  • 10
    Font - Telephone call mid-afternoon New Year's Day, 1967: Somewhat uncertain female voice: "I have two questiohs. The first is sort of an etiquette one. I wentto a New Year's Eve party and unexpectedly stayed over. I don 't really know the hosts. Ought I to send a thank-you note? Second, when you meet a fellow and you know he's worth twen- ty-seven nillion dollars because that's what they told me, twenty-seven gillion, and you know his nationality, how do you find out his name?" s 1/2/67
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  • 11
    Handwriting - Terrified female voice . voice. * what'll 9do -just KiTchen 2 Is DDT a sa w a m euse any good for 'em.' Suggested shu get a Trap, she wailed *D-0-0o. eouldnt pickupa dead nioust / es , 4121/46
  • 12

    "Do you have any books on human beings?"

    Handwriting - hooks Rave anmy Do you on human heinga?
  • 13

    "What percent of all the bathtubs in the world are in the U.S."

    Handwriting - What perceat of M/ The bon of m The bath fuhs /ク The The World Are in U.5.? AM 1/27/94
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  • 14

    "Does anyone have a copyright on the bible?"

    Handwriting - Daes anngnt Pave a coytight annone on
  • 15
    Font - I've heard that Roquefort cheese is fermented by worms, and I'd like to concur on that." -Tel question JU 1 199
  • 16
    Handwriting - Inquiry at desk.. Nov. 1948 "Can I get a book telling me how to be mistress of ceremonies at a musical orgy?" Juw
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  • 17
    Font - For the unusual questions file: A reader came to the inquiry desk and was looking for a list of buildings which were designed and built in the shape of fruits or vegetables. Isent him to room 313 AD Jan 7 1983
  • 18
    Rectangle - Why do 18th century English paintinge have so many squirrels in them, and how did they tame them so that they wouldn't bite the painter? 10.76
  • 19
    Finger - Question received over telephone: Any statistics on the life span of the abandoned woman? , between 1 and 2 2/15/163
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  • 20

    "How many neurotic people in the US?"

    Handwriting - iHow puople in ug neurotie many fane Eew
  • 21
    Font - Are Plato, Aristotle and Socrates one and the same person ? Tel. question Nov.24,1950 JE
  • 22

    "What does it mean when you dream you're being chased by an elephant?"

    Handwriting - dream you Ohased ly What does tmean ohen beeng elephalt? an
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  • 23
    Rectangle - Phone Question Is this the place where questions I can't get answers to? HC Sept 13, 1947
  • 24
    Handwriting - A Swiss manufacturer of baby carriages wanted to kmow whether the N.Y.P.L didn't have a list of expectant mothers. EMW
  • 25

    "What does a penny weigh?"

    Brown - what does penny meigh ? 23-46
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  • 26

    "Isn't good poetry where every other line rhymes, instead of having each line rhyme with the one before it?"

    Handwriting - Deit good potry eneryline Abymdas , matend o faming each line nhyms with the Pne tefneit. where G phne Felr 14,1944
  • 27

    "Has a cow upper teeth?

    Brown - Ho a Com upper tath? Phame : Wedlimey en fuinl daythe wes
  • 28
    Rectangle - Is the vulture the name of the bird that hoovers over animals? NB 7.13 6 2
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  • 29

    "If a poisonous snake bites itself, will it die?"

    Handwriting - snahe bites will it die? P付3パ Sap 49 2.
  • 30

    "Asked for the nutritional value of human flesh"

    Brown - asher Nu tri tinal human flesh value Dear /6/18
  • 31

    "How many grands in a ton of wheat?"

    Brown - How meny grani qraini in a ton ofwheet) 92.
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  • 32

    "What is the therapeutic value of essence of pine needles?"

    Handwriting - what i the thangsenta rahe 8pine needlla? G essence 315


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