Broke AF Memes For Anyone Counting The Pennies Until Payday

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    Organism - when u bout to sleep and hear a noise downstairs but you don't gotta pay student loans if ur murdered:

    It's like when you used to play hide and seek as a kid... if you shut your eyes, no one else can see you, right? So if I pretend to sleep extra deep, do all my financial problems go away?

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    Vehicle - NYC studio apt for rent: $4000/month anndr L Conme aracs black_humorist

    When you have to decide between paying rent and going for mimosas with the girls, you know you're in trouble. Just me? Awkward.

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    Bird - Smh why this pigeon have more money than me... 20
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    Hand - When you're broke but still trying to flex for everybody else.
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    Rectangle - "When I was your age I owned my own house" Shut the f. .ck up Pauline they cost about 6 grand back then you f icking fossil.
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    Plant - "Lets go get something to eat" "Wanna go to the mall" "Let's go watcha movie" "Let's go get ice cream" Ar
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    Smile - When it's Friday, but then you remember you're broke
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  • 8
    Glasses - me using the last $7 in my account to buy a venti coffee
  • 9
    Automotive parking light - When youre broke AF Blessed A My new ride at the car wash
  • 10
    Font - whenever i get low on money i always start thinking really irrationally like what if i hadn't spent that $10 at taco bell back in 2013
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    Smile - When you're having a good day but then remember you have crippling debt and hate your job SUBSCRIBE
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    Eyebrow - When you thought you had enough money, then you check your bank account J00 FEORHAL RESERVENOTE JB 00000000T 82 100 TPAMERICA PECIMEN SPECI EN SP IM SPE SPEC OMEMENEGUS JB 00000000T 100 100
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  • 14
    People in nature - When you have no money but still say "yes" to going out.
  • 15
    Organism - When you wanna go on vacation but ur broke af
  • 16
    Rectangle - corden Me: I wanna show you the world. *Looks at bank account* Me: I wanna show you the block.
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  • 17
    Forehead - When you know you're broke after buying makeup at Sephora but you know you'll look bomb af
  • 18
    Jaw - Mac Nels @mac_nels If your bank account could talk. What would it say to you ? 2018-03-27, 6:39 AM Кay @KaylarWill "Do you ever cook?"
  • 19
    Outerwear - dev, a good girl Follow @bummermaid a tale as old as time me $30 pad thai delivered to the groceries I bought yesterday my door

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