Lazy People Demand The Normalization Of Wearing Athleisure At All Times

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    Font - Haley @haleyswayne I can be the queen of wearing athleisure wear to the bar. Watch me. 12:01 AM · Apr 4, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

    I don't think anyone's gonna stop her. In this day and age, everyone's going to the bar in the same thing. I wanna see her spearhead the cause of getting in the club in athleisure. I will def be the first to follow her into that battle. 

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    Font - Annie Dineen ... @anniedineen Getting ready to go out to dinner for the first time in a year and realizing my closet is just jerseys and athleisure e 1:30 AM · Apr 4, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

    Again, I don't see what the problem is. Go out in whatever's in your closet already. No need to purchase an entirely new wardrobe when what you have in the closet is simultaneously super comfy and fashionable. 

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    Font - Felisa Cardona ... @felisacardona PHERNENAL LATINA Can we keep the athleisure after the pandemic? Can we wear it to work? 8:29 PM · Apr 2, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Rectangle - syd @scarbrosafari just another day of being thankful to live during the same era as athleisure 8:51 PM · Apr 4, 2021 · Twitter Web App
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    Font - Eidelonn @Eidelonn Toddlers in athleisure capri leggings are extremely cute. That is all. 9:15 PM · Apr 5, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Genet Classic ... @GenetClassic Really missing wearing a hot get up crying in the city streets with eyeliner running down my face. Just doesn't hit the spot with athleisure on my couch in Park Slope. 5:03 AM · Mar 30, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - les mis stands for miserable lesbian ... @melkelenj there is something so uniquely midwestern white mom abt going to starbucks at 10am on a weekend in athleisure i feel like i should be dropping off my kids at soccer games or something 9:02 PM · Apr 4, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - twerky sandwich @NECROMANCING ... i love when celebrities do their apology videos bare faced wearing athleisure it's so funny to me 10:30 PM · Apr 1, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Amanda K M @akmiska I think I have an allergy to jeans. It isn't pandemic weight gain, I got bigger jeans, even with some stretch, I just think maybe I am one of those women who wears yoga athleisure or flowy dresses/skirts/pants, nothing in between 7:43 PM · Apr 1, 2021 · Twitter Web App
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    Organism - Kevin Kumler ... @KevinKumler As the pandemic lifts and we ramp up in-office work and travel, are we all stacking hands that "athleisure wear" qualifies as "business casual"? E 7:54 PM · Apr 2, 2021 · Twitter Web App
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    Font - demonic possession stan account @bubbapologist i'm becoming a granola gay like i just wear athleisure and talk about hiking n foraging a lot 4:11 PM · Mar 31, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - wesvision @southwezzt It's about to be hot outside and I will be living exclusively in lululemon tanks 2:33 AM Apr 5, 2021 from Taylor, TX · Twitter for iPhone
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