Merriam-Webster — Yes, the Dictionary — Is Savagely Subtweeting the Shit Out of the Trump Administration

If you look up the word "Troll" in a Merriam-Webster dictionary, is there just a picture of a Merriam-Webster dictionary? 

Merriam-Webster has been spending the first week of the Trump administration going all passive-aggressive on the bizarre public persona of Trump and his staff, hoping to clear somethings up, so that "facts" don't get confused with "alternative facts."

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    We now return you to your regularly scheduled vocabulary snark. https://t.co/I78xevd3sz

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    The birth of an "Alternative Fact"

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    We in the void hear you.

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    My eyes must be the wrong one.

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    They tried to be civil

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    Pro-"A Historic" Anti-"An Historic"

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    If a president claps his hands in the woods and no one is there to hear it...

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    I thought claque was the stuff on your teeth.

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    Look up "Burn" in the dictionary.

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    Dictionary only serves one thing: The rules of usage.

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    Help me, Oxford English Dictionary, you're our only hope.

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