Reddit Just Asked One of the Stupidest Questions I've Ever Heard, and, Frankly, I Love It and All The Answers

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    I'm on a low-sodium diet, though.

    Salt water and dirt. permalink embed
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    He's be the person to ask.

    Galactus, plz go and stay go. permalink embed
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    So... It tastes like pizza.

    Probably like something deep fried that as soon as we bite through the crust it burns our tongue and then we taste anything for the next three weeks. can't Thanks, earth permalink embed
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    Well it would be insanely hot for one, so if you taste anything before your taste buds burn to death it'll probably taste metallic and then bloody permalink embed
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    A mix between metallic and broken teeth permalink embed load more comments (16 replies)
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    layer of dirt and salt water on it Get an iron ball baring, heat it to 5000 degrees and then put a permalink embed load more comments (78 replies)
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    Crunchy on the outside, molten on the inside permalink embed load more comments (17 replies)
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