I Can Has Cheezburger?

Good Vibes Only: Wholesome Animal Memes (June 7, 2021)

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    Organism - 4 year old me: grandpa, look! me: does nothing special grandpa:

    Getting unconditional love and support is amazing no matter who it comes from, but there really is something special about the love of our grandparents. We all know it, we have all felt it, and we all miss it every single day. Call your grandparents today if you can, make their Monday better too <3.

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    Primate - Me, with my trusty playlist Me, now adding this song to my playlist, and listening to it on repeat for a whole week A real banger A friend sharing a song with me

    We do not know why it can be so dang hard to add songs to our playlists, but it really is. A friend who you trust enough to add their songs into your playlists is a friend to cherish forever and always. That is a level of trust that is really not easy to earn. 

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    Hand - When ur havin a hard time but ur best friend is there for u bokuwachikuwa tumblr
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    Water - My dad talking to the principal for my admission in the school Gyo me and my siblings looking at all the trophies and certificates in the room
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    Snow - Me having a tough day at school Mỳ mom saying that she's proud of me
  • 6
    Photograph - when you open up to your friend and they're actually supportive:
  • 7
    Cat - when you make it through a stressful day and finally get to relax with your loved one:
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    Photograph - When I see a baby crying on the bus so I make funny faces till they stop crying :
  • 9
    Dog - me who's going through a rough time emotional support from a friend
  • 10
    Cat - me having a breakdown every once in a while my friends still comforting me every damn time
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  • 11
    Organism - When you were little and sat quietly watching tv hoping nobody noticed so you could stay up later watching more tv Parents Me *invisible*
  • 12
    Purple - My friend: *Needs help with something Me : whomst has summoned the almighty one
  • 13
    Clothing - My mom enjoyingevery second of it even though it's taking twice as long 3 year old me "helping" my mom cook
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  • 14
    Organism - Me who was struggling for days on a project. Also me a few hours later: I done it!
  • 15
  • 16
    Nose - Me waiting for a text from my GF Me when I hear a text notification
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  • 17
    Vertebrate - 10yo me crying after i accidentally broke his phone My dad telling me it's alright
  • 18
    Bird - When you're a little bit different from all your friends, but they still love it when you hang out with them.
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  • 20
    Water - \My grandparents when i do a little trick
  • 21
    Cat - when people compliment me on things i actually put effort into and things l'm really passionate about
  • 22
    Mammal - Baby me eating and salivating on a cookie: Also me offering my mom some: My mom trying to be nice and Eating it because I don't buy the 'Pretending to eat it' anymore: "Mmm thank you baby"
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  • 23
    Hand - When Grandma says you'll make a good husband and Father

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