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Dog Owners Explaining Their Doggos' Unique Names

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    Human body - afterimage7 - 14h My dogs name is Paxil like the antidepressant. My wife came up with it since we are both pharmacist. I hadnt seen a pet named that before but I've seen it since we got our dog 6 years ago

    We love this concept!! Doggo is named after an antidepressant, this could not be more fitting for a very special doggo that radiates positivity and good vibes. There is nothing like a sweet, happy doggo to get your serotonin levels flowing.

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    Human body - sassybabycows · 12h Our golden is named Russet, like the potato. We got him when we lived in Idaho, and he also looked like a little potato when he was a baby.

    Russet like the potato! Totally pawesome. This Idaho born pupper resembled a russet potato at birth and his owners were inspired. We love unique and cool names and this one takes the cake. Super cute. 

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    Font - Spilled_Milktea · 12h My dog's name is Oolong. He's a very long boi and my husband and I are both big tea fans, so we thought it was perfect. It can be hard to explain to people who have never heard of the tea before and we often have to repeat ourselves when they ask, but we love it and it suits him so well.
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    Human body - hermit-esque · 12h I called my late GSD Moggy (short for Mogwai -- like Gizmo from Gremlins) because of her big goofy ears, aversion to bright lights and water, and constant begging for midnight munchies! I'm from the UK so most people assumed I was just being weird and calling her "cat" all the time, though...
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    Human body - TheRoseByAnotherName · 13h Not exactly unique, but less common. I have a cat named Romulus. He had a twin named Remus, but the whole litter got sick around 6 weeks old and Remus didn't make it. A little ironic.
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    Font - uniquedeke · 13h Theodore Roosevelt Wagstaff My daughter, son and I came up with it while we were standing there waiting for the shelter to chip him. It started with my son saying he wanted to call him 'Teddy' and escalated from there. Wagstaff is the name of the school Bob's Burgers.
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    Font - Bubbasticky · 13h Scully. If/when we get her a brother - he shall be Mulder.
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    Font - MistaWhiska · 13h Ab Hli Nag, or Alina (aka Lina) in English. Asian language means baby moon rain. Edit: Also seem to think her name from strangers is “Aw what a cutie"
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    Gesture - Kharnethh - 12h My dogs are named Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera, my parents gave all their dogs disney named so I said all my dogs will get Disney Cars names
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    Font - ThePinkChameleon - 13h KNUCKLES and my fiance insists on all caps. He's an olde English Bulldogge.
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    Font - StatusQuit · 13h Tenzin (from Legend of Korra), it's a really common name in Nepal and Tibet, but not at the dog park 60 Reply Give Award Share Report Save orangeflappyboi - 12h My dog's name is Toph. Everyone at the dog park thinks I'm say “Tuff" 35 Reply Give Award Share Report Save
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    Font - IhaveapetTurnip · 12h I have a dog named Turnip. We got him from a rescue who names their dogs by a theme of the month when they recieve them. His theme was food. The daughter of his foster named him. We kept it.
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    Font - JennyBlocks · 13h - edited 13h Spriggan-- fuzzy black monster in Final Fantasy XIV. He's a black pomeranian-- AND a monster so it suits him well!

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