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Funniest House-Pig Talks Smack To His Owner By Clicking Buttons Around the House That Have Insulting, Sassy Commands, Demanding Food, Water, Pets, and Attention


We all would secretly like to speak to our pets. Not just simple commands and praise using our vocal tone and treats for praise. I mean like real, full-blown conversations. The world has never been closer to that reality


With conversation buttons for pets, we’re only a half step away from actually conversing with our animals and knowing what they want. 


However, that last half step might as well be Mt. Everest for some pet owners. 


Mina Alali, a pet lover and owner of a house pig, fancy rat, and bearded dragon, has a TikTok where she shares her lifestyle with her two pets, showing us all how she dotes on them, cares for them, and most importantly has begun to train them to speak. 


Merlin, Mina’s adorable, wiry house pig seems to be the smartest lad around. And by smartest, I mean the biggest smart ass. 


it really is the little things 🥺


Pigs are known to be very smart, so Merlin has caught on to the vocal buttons pretty quickly, however there’s one caveat. They’re snarky AF!


the sass is UNREAL😩


Merlin’s sass has not gone unnoticed, he seems to embody the voice inside the buttons, commanding his owner Mina to fetch him food or pour him a drink. He even has a colored button that demands loving and attention! 

“Kiss me bish”


Merlin is just getting the hang of his communication buttons which may turn into a double edged sword for Mina. Sure, now you know exactly what he wants…. But now you know EXACTLY what he wants. And he KNOWS you know. Eeek


Wild huh?


There is a nice secrecy to not knowing a pet’s every thought. Regardless of how close we get to actually understanding them, in the meantime, it sure is cute to hear their shouting little sass buttons on command.


The attitude is something we expect from a teenager, not a snarky little house-pig. But we get it Merlin, it’s your world, we’re just living in it… Bish.





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