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Thread: Rescuing And Taking Care Of A Group Of Injured Kittens

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    "Let's save some more kittens... A friend called me 'there's a tiny kitten there, alone and sick'. Of course I came rushing, and the neighbours came out of there houses, handing me 3 more sick kittens from different litters..."


    It seems that not only are the people in this community wonderful people, each of whom got up and tried to rescue the kittens on their own, but that Knowyourcats also has a reputation of being able to help them. This is the kind of animal loving community that we wish we could find in every single neighborhood. So many more animals would be saved.

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    "This little guy couldn't see a thing, his eyes where shut from pus and he has trouble breathing. He also had an enormous tick near his butthole."


    It is hard to look through these pictures and see how much these poor little fur balls were hurt, but knowing that they are in good hands now, being taken care of and getting better every single day makes it a bit easier. The gratitude we feel for everyone involved is overwhelming, Thank you so much for everything that you're doing for them, and we hope to see more and more happy updates about them in the future. 

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    "This one just has one bad eye but nothing a few antibiotics won't fix."

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    "This guy is a bit older than the others, but he lost an eye..."

    Cat - 3.
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    "You can see here his right eye is gone, I cleaned and try to see if it was hidden by the infection but I didn't find an actual eye."

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    "This one seems ok at least, but he shat on everyone else in the crate so I had to bathe all of them."

    Cat - ZACE
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    "All washed, eyes and nose cleaned, and antibiotics given ! Please people, SPAY AND NEUTER, too much god damn suffering out there already."

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    "Here's a little update"


    "For those of you that asked how to help : 

    Paypal: lachatmaraderie@gmail.com and Online pool."

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    "This one was in the worse shape of all. He is now cleaned up and he ate a little bit of wet kibbles. He had antibiotics, and drops for his nose and ointment for his eyes. His name is Mischief !"

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    "This one just has one bad eye but I think it'll turn out okay now that he had the right treatment."

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    "Lil' Jack Sparrow here lost his right eye and is fighting an infection in the left one but he is healthy overall, tiny pirate."

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    "Gollum here, the healthiest ! He is a very fierce and protective little fella over his food, hence his name : "My precious !"."


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