Hidden Camera: Fable The Raven Talking And Singing To Herself (Video)

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Wow! This is incredible!

This is something we see from parrots all the time, but a raven? We've never seen a talking raven before.... and we're a mix of pure amazement and curiosity. Ravens are famously very smart creatures and this just takes it to another level. 

Just amazing. 

According to the YouTube description, Fable talking isn't something new, "Most evenings, once the yard goes quiet, Fable likes to sit and chat to herself. It's her own quiet time to try out her words, play around with the intonation, and try new sounds out.  I really struggle to film her doing this as I can't leave a camera in the aviary or she will destroy it, and if I make it too obvious she will get suspicious and not chat. So I had a bit of a play with the camera and set it up where I know she prefers to sit, but out of reach! The video is hit and miss as she can go where she likes, but you can hear the audio clear as a bell."

Fable really is adorable, she's talking to herself the way a human child would. 

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